What is repository pattern?

Basically, a repository fundamentally works as a mediator between data access layer and business logic layer of the application. Generally, it would be troublesome to execute the data access system specifically to business logic layer, it might bring about repetitive and redundant code forgetting to information for comparative substances or it might bring about a code that is difficult to test or access information from it. To solve these types of issues, and to write an Interface driven and test driven code to get data, we use Repository Pattern .


                               What is repository pattern?

The repository makes queries to the data source for the data, from there on maps the information from the data source to a business entity object, at last and perseveres the adjustments in the business element to the data source. A repository separates the business logic from the interactions with the underlying data source or Web service.

The separation has three benefits:

1-   Data logic or Web service access logic becomes centralized.
Helpful in getting substitution point for the unit tests.
2-  It have a Flexible architecture which can be adapted as the general configuration of the application development.
3-  The Repository pattern in C# allows you to separate data access code from the rest of the system. This isolation promotes code reuse, minimizes future modifications to code and also simplifies testing of the controller classes



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