Microsoft Planner Collaboration Tool Launched for Android and iOS

                    Microsoft Planner Collaboration Tool Launched for Android and iOS

The app is eligible for Office 365 work and school subscription only

Planner was launched last year in June

It competes with services like Trello and Asana

Previously, Microsoft Planner was only available on the Web, but it has now launched for mobile as well. The Microsoft Planner app for Android and iOS has also been launched, making managing tasks and planning teamwork activities easier on the go.

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across all platforms

Last year in June, The Redmond giant launched Planner as part of its productivity suit of apps for Office 365 business and school users. Planner is a collaboration tool aimed at organizing team activities, and works almost same as apps like Asana and Trello. It came bundled along with the Office 365 suite for free, and provides management of projects, workflows teams, assign tasks, chat with members, and much more.

Now, the apps are available to download free as well for all qualified users of Office 365. The app however aren’t available like full version, i.e. doesn’t bring all the features that are available on the Web.

Microsoft explains on its blog, “The present Planner users can use this companion app to view and update their plans on the ease and go, addressing feedback we’ve heard since the launch of the Planner Web app. For people who are new to Planner, you can first get started by visiting Once you’ve created your plans in the Web app, you can view and update those plans in the mobile experience.”

The Microsoft Planner app is simpler and easy to use and allows you to see all your tasks in one place. It allows you update the board when plans change by just dragging and dropping tasks between columns, and chat with members on the go. The app presently only works for Office 365 work or school subscription users only, and if you’re eligible, you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store for free.

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