How Can Online Leads Lift Your ROI?

How Can Online Leads Lift Your ROI?

Today’s consumers are confused because there are so many brands competing for a fair share of consumer’s attention and of course their money.

But it is an altogether different story for those of whom on the other side where it is you who wants to attract them, engage them, convert them and in the end retain them.

Generating quality leads and then converting them is one of the top challenges facing today’s marketers.

65% of the respondent companies state generating traffic and leads is the top challenge they are faced with.

That’s all fine about generating.

What about converting?

74% of marketers say converting the leads generated is their priority.

But properly done, an online lead generation strategy will channel quality leads into your funnel that converts ultimately into paying clients for you.

So now, how to go about putting in place an online lead generation strategy?

A strategy which counts, one which is successful and does not prove to be a drain on your resources and time.

A few of the tried and tested leads online generation tactics that you can put under the scope. 

How to increase your online leads using Website, Search and SEO

93% of B2B buying process starts with an online search. (Pinpoint Market Research and Anderson Jones PR) 

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How to increase your online leads using Email

One of the most popular lead generating and converting strategy and correctly mentioned

There is no secret behind this strategy’s success. The reason why this strategy is clicking is quite simple actually.

Just follow this four steps formula and reap your quality leads in tons.

Step 1: Build an email subscription list worthy of being envied. Instead of paying good money and buying your list, capture addresses through your CTAs, Newsletters/White Paper downloads, free trial offers, Events etc.

This way our list will truly and really reflect the insights you have into your audience.

Step 2: Build and maintain a robust relationship through regular communications.

Step 3: You have now succeeded in generating quality leads. But add lots of value to your leads before trying to convert them or before trying to make a sale.

Step 4: Now that you have established trust, move on to the phase where you convert and retain the converted.

You have two options available to you under this tactic. Paid and Organic.

Paid: While the paid version gives an immediately visible thrust to your lead generation, it wanes the moment you turn the money tap off. It is a sort of quick fix. This can be also referred as Cost per Click (CPC) or Pay per Click (PPC).

Organic: The tactic I prefer as this doesn’t stop working when the fund flow stops. Keeps on driving traffic and leads based on search terms or keywords.

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