Simple Twitter Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

Simple Twitter Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog 

Every blogger hopes that more and more people read and share their blog, some succeed and some don’t. With social media developing and becoming vast everyday getting blog traffic is not that tough. Did you know Twitter is the perfect place to share your blog posts but you’ll still have to go beyond tweeting the basics to drive substantial traffic to your blog?


Moving on, let’s see how to use Twitter to drive more traffic to your blog in different ways: 


Tweeting the link to your blog more than once is perfectly fine, especially if the content helpful. But I don’t think you want to flood your Twitter timeline with the same content repeatedly. But on the day of publishing, you can craft 3-5 separate tweets that you’ll publish at different times. This tactic does the magic because only a small portion of your followers will see each tweet. 

You may ask what about the initial days. Well, you can use twitter to drive more traffic to your blog even with your old content. If you have an archive with contents that are helpful, then why not tweet their link each day. And see how your followers discover you through your old content. 

Did you know the tool helps you automate the tweets about your blog posts? If you publish one or two blog posts per month, you can actually create year-long social promotion campaigns for your posts for free. Doesn’t this tool make your blog more visible to your followers? But to start you need to connect your blog to via RSS feed. 


At the end of almost every blog or article we read on the internet there are social sharing links that encourage blog readers to promote your post for you. However, ‘click to tweet’ tool takes this encouragement a step further as it helps the blog readers to share a tweetable quote from the article. 

With this method, the blog readers can share a quote and link back to your article or blog simply by clicking on the click to tweet option. With this tool called the ‘Click to Tweet’, you can create a clickable link quickly and easily. 

To start, you need to create a free account on and craft the message you’d like to be tweeted. After that, click ‘Generate Basic Link’, you will be able to see a shortened link similar to that you can add to your text in your blog post.Now, every time the blog reader clicks on the link they can tweet the text along with the blog link thus, driving more traffic to your blog. 


Twitter has always been used to drive traffic to your blog. But there is a new trend doing rounds on the social network and that is reading the blog on twitter itself. You may wonder how that can be possible when you get limited characters on twitter. Well, this is possible by repurposing your blog for twitter and linking back the original source.


The Three Way You Can Do The Same Is: 

Images: People have been adding images on twitter posts for a very long time as images attracts more people to your post. So, why not use this same method to promote your blog post. You can easily select some best quotes from your blog and make graphic by using relevant pictures. Along with the graphic you can post a title and the link for your blog.

Short Video: Many do not know that you can upload a 2-minute video on twitter. Yes, it is true that twitter doesn’t say videos get newsfeed preference or not but in today’s social scenario videos work the best on social media. You can easily make a quaky short video for your blog and upload it along with a title and the blog link.

Live Video: Incorporating periscope to twitter has made it easy for people to go live with their followers. Many people do not understand what they should talk about on their live video. A quick tip you can easily talk about your blog and even discuss any particular point in details and encourage your followers to read your blog.



Just remember you should always look out for people who are actively sharing your blog posts on Twitter. You should always retweet or thank them for sharing your blog posts. Not only they will be encouraged to share again in the future, but they will also retweet what other people have said about your article. This drives a good amount of traffic to your blog. 


 You can use twitter marketing to drive more traffic to your blog and to do so it is always advisable to pin your latest blog post to the top of your timeline. Your pinned tweet is guaranteed to receive more impressions than your any other tweet. 

Twitter is a simple platform and you can easily master the technicalities of how it works. But if you want to use Twitter as a marketing tool, you should start getting creative. I would urge you to stop tweeting your blog once or tweeting just your blog title followed by the link and a hashtag. Instead, you can use the tactics mentioned above and drive more eyeballs to your blog content.

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