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5 Disadvantages of Pay per Click (PPC)

Ashish srivastava 3605 14-May-2017

                     5 Disadvantages of Pay per Click (PPC)

Do you consider using Pay per Click (or PPC) advertising to expand your e-commerce business? While PPC advertising method has many benefits added with its efforts, it also has many risk factors associated with itself or particular PPC providers.  So, if it is not performed properly and responsibly, can result in significant costs on your business.

Surely, you can make ample money if you apply PPC advertising the correct way. However, before you apply any method without doing the proper research for it, you need be careful of the following five disadvantages of PPC advertising that you must take into consideration.

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Five Reasons why Pay-Per-Click technique might be a Bad Marketing Strategy

1. PPC Advertising Is comparatively complex

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is not painful to learn and perform. However, there are many SEOs ask for help with their PPC advertising campaigns as they just couldn’t figure it out. PPC is a very complex as compared to the traditional way of performing methods. Getting your page index high is pretty easy if you can invest some extra time and efforts. However, trying to increase your Google AdWords Quality score on your page is a whole different paradigm and almost of them have to hire in an expert to get the work done, resulting in some extra cost.

2. PPC Advertsing Is Really Expensive

The previous one obviously get us into the next disadvantage of PPC advertising, it can quickly get expensive. There are many of misguided people who get wasted their thousand dollars of their budget on AdWords in just a single day because they were advertising for any non-profitable keywords and doesn’t bother that they are paying for each and every incoming click, that also doesn’t guarantee any revenue conversion.

3. People Tend To Ignore Sponsored Ads

Google recently surveyed and revealed that almost 85-percent of the users are likely to ignore sponsored listed ads while searching on Google. And it’s true; I admit not paying attention to advertising when I search anything on Google or post tweeting on Twitter, which is miserable for the PPC advertisements trying to get me to click.

4. People are doubtful Of Advertising

It is a hard reality that people all around the world have become dubious about advertising, including PPC. Users see marketing efforts negatively as they know that you are trying to advertise for selling any article. And users don’t like to be sold or see advertisement when they are trying to browse the web for information or post any status updates on their personal social networking site. So beware, if you’re using PPC advertising as a primary marketing technique the negatives i.e. user’s obstructive reaction to your ads are already working against you.

5. Choosing the unsuitable PPC Marketing companies

There are a large number of marketing companies and independent service providers who can impress you in taking a PPC marketing plan, but unfortunately most of them couldn’t perform as they say. It’s easy to be unclear about what the result will be in an industry that is rather unclear in itself. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be selective in choosing the firms for your paid marketing.

For example, it’s always wise to pick a marketing company that is recommended by any trustful source, like a friend or a colleague. Also, while many of the big firms have a full staff with layers of experience, they can offer your ads a great deal of exposure (meaning your keywords will get good placement in the served advertising). So, try to choose your PPC services  firm that are trustable, can facilitate customer references, as well as one that gives  time to demonstrate the sponsored advertising to you so that you are aware of where and for what you’re spending your money and efforts.

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