5 Ways To Use Linkedin For Business

LinkedIn is the social networking site that is mostly used by millions professionals worldwide. It is mainly focused on B2B marketing, which makes the social media marketing strategy work rhythmically.The following steps may prove handy in using LinkedIn marketing.

1. Enhance your Business Profile: A LinkedIn profile is the first thing people would get to see and that will act as a first impression. And you know how important first impressions can be! You need to revamp your profile so as to get noticed. Keep your profile neat and simple. Use your company’s image/logo and put it as a banner page as it can help in brand recognition and may develop trust. Write a brief summary about your company. But make sure it isn’t too long because who likes reading long and lengthy paragraphs! Keep it short and crisp. But also try personalising it a bit, as people will connect with you better.

The best way to get noticed and keep your connections informed is by posting status updates. You can share things that interest you, like a motivational article or a blog from a third party website. To be active on LinkedIn, you need post regularly and consistently.

2. Add Connections: One way to keep in touch with your business associates is to develop a new network. You can add people you’ve worked with, you know them from LinkedIn groups, customers, colleagues, friends etc. Try adding more people every now and then. The more connections you have, the more you’ll be recognised.

3. Use LinkedIn community features: With the community feature, you will be able to build more connections which will further allow you to communicate and collaborate with other users.

Join LinkedIn groups as they’ll help you keep in touch with people with same interests and also help you stay informed. You can also create your own groups, wherein you can meet people and have discussions on topics that are trending and this is another awesome way to expand your connections/circle.

4. Stay Active: Being active on LinkedIn means driving traffic to your site through LinkedIn. And we’ll tell you exactly how to do that!

Posting a status a few times in a week is very important! Doing this will ensure that yours is a familiar company and can be seen often around your business networks. People will trust you more if you’re ‘seen’ more. This can also develop trust into potential partners or clients.

Post links or articles or blogs in a week. People with same or similar interest might notice and may further want to engage in a discussion.

5. Always engage with your network: The more the engagement, the better relationship you will have with your connections. Try including a poll or a question, when you post third party articles or blogs. Always and always respond and acknowledge the comments you get. There’s nothing more disappointing than a no reply. Build your networking connections by keeping the conversation going. LinkedIn also allows you to make polls, which may generate interest among your connections.

Conclusion: These tips come in handy when you’re puzzled about where to start and how to use your marketing tool!  So go ahead, use LinkedIn to its full potential and simplify your marketing problems. 

What did you all think about these points?  

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