According to latest statistics from Statista, there are more 2.8 million mobile apps in Google Play store followed by 2.2 million apps in Apple’s app store. With smart-phone becoming an integral part of our daily lives, this trend is not stopping any time soon. The competition in the mobile app market is fierce so how can you make your app stand out from the crowd. Here are five things you should considering when conducting mobile app development.

1. User Experience
With fierce competition in the app market, there are numerous app for performing a single task. Almost all these apps offer similar features, which will make it even more difficult to separate two apps. What makes an app stand out is its user experience. Reduce the number of taps and screens user has to go through for performing a task. As a mobile app developer, you must understand how users will interact with the mobile app to deliver an exceptional mobile experience. 

2. Security
One of the biggest challenges for mobile app developers is to keep their app safe and secure. With frequent news of security breaches and quarter of mobile app failing the basic security test, app developers has their work cut out. They will have to stay one-step ahead of the cyber attackers and hackers to keep it safe. Implement security measures such as encryption and other methods to ensure that user personal and sensitive information is secure.

3. Functionality
Why do you give preference to one app over the other? The answers could vary from person to person but one reason to choose an app over other is the features. The more features you pack in an app and make them work like a charm will increase your chances of your app getting the nod from more customers. How well each feature works and does it meet the customer expectations? These questions will determine how well your app performs and how many app installs you will get.

4. Integration
To take your app functionality to next level, you will have to integrate it with other apps. Managing app integrations is not easy, as both parties should be on the same page for seamless app integration. If that is not the case, app integration might not work as planned. App developers need to play an important role in order to make it happen.

5. Customization
Last but certainly not the least is customization. Since one size does not fit all and we can not develop a separate app for each user, it is important to cover this shortcoming by offering customization options. These customization options deliver a personalized experience so they can fulfill all their needs. App developers will have to decide how much customization room they want to offer to the user.

If you know about any other factor that app developers should consider when developing a mobile app, then feel free to share it with us in comments section below.
  Modified On Jun-22-2018 11:04:03 AM

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