How Timely Order Deliveries Can Improve Customer Experience?

Isn’t it amazing when you get what you ordered at your doorstep on the same day? The answer of course, is a big “Yes”. Retail giants like Amazon and Walmart hold an expertise in managing same day deliveries for their products. Amazon’s recently launched drone delivery facility is taking the world by storm. However, when it comes to small business owners, they find it quite daunting to manage supply logistics and deliver the orders on the promised date and time.

There are several ways to enhance the experience of your customers and deliver their orders on time. Let’s take a look at how can you make that possible.

Put yourself in customer’s shoes

The best way to understand delivery process and its importance is that you should think from your customer’s perspective. Make all the changes needed to enhance the delivery process and aim for perfection. Before you make any delivery process changes, put your customer first and ask yourself if it will make them happy. This customer-centric approach is much needed if you want to succeed with your small business venture.

Quote a date

Studies have proven time and again that customers tend to shop with an online store that provides an estimated delivery date before they check out. So when it comes to choosing between two online vendors, preference is usually given to the vendor that provides with the exact delivery time. Real time location tracking of the ordered product is also a feature preferred by many. If you want to have customers that buy from your store time and again, make sure you incorporate this facility in your online store.

Options galore

Who doesn’t like to being presented with multiple options? Service providers like UPS and Fedex provide eight different shipping services which deliver on the same day up to five business days. The customers who indulge into last minute buying for important occasions like birthdays or anniversaries prefer to buy from online stores that offer multiple dates. Fast delivery is a favourite feature amongst most of the online buyers. Try to inculcate this facility and see how you win hearts of several customers!

Allow customers to pick delivery dates

One of the best ways you can make product deliveries more certain for customers is by offering them the option to pick their own delivery date from a pool of available dates. This can be done by adding a suite delivery date scheduler to your store. This allows the customers to plan their product delivery on their own depending on their availability.

Send push notifications

Push notifications are a great aid when you want to keep customer inquiries about the status of the delivery at bay. Once the shipping notification system is installed, it starts sending notifications to the customer. This way, the customer would know when the order will arrive and can make arrangements to receive it.

If you follow any of the above steps that suit you, you will not only make your customer happy and increase loyalty but also reduce costs on returned packages and multiple customer enquiries.

  Modified On Nov-25-2017 02:03:36 PM

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