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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the method increasing the visibility of a web page or a website in a natural manner on any search engine without subscribing to the paid services. The results through SEO are often stated as ‘organic’, ‘natural’ or ‘earned’ results. It is a simple process of displaying your website’s address on a higher rank or more frequently upon searching a related keyword by the user. Suppose, a user searched for ‘mp3 song’, there are millions of websites that are in the list. I have website with domain ‘’, and its ranking is low. I have to list my website on the very first search page whenever the user searches the ‘mp3’ keyword, I can do it with the help of SEO, first learning and then using tactics of SEO.

The more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors and traffic it will receive from that search engine. These visitors can be our future customers also, hence, SEO is fruitful. SEO techniques can be applied to any kinds of searches that includes image search, video search, news search, academic search, local search and industry specific vertical search engines.

As a digital marketing technique, SEO can be thought of as how a search engine works, what people are searching for, what are the actual search keywords user type into search engines and which of the search engines are mostly used by the targeted searchers.

The process covers optimizing a web page or a web site that may involve editing the associated coding, content and html to increase its relevancy to targeted keyword and to remove techniques of indexing activities of websites on a search engine.

Also, there is another technique of SEO, of promoting a website by increasing the number of inbound links or backlinks to engage users.


Now, what is the need for SEO? Why do we do it for?  You will get the answers through this example. When you start you own business, you first aim to well establish it in a supposing less time i.e. start generating revenue as soon as possible. This can be achieved through proper promoting it on the best channels through the best mediums. Same is case with the websites, the more you promote them, more it will reach to the people and more customers it will bring. This is the basic need for using SEO. One can increase the traffic on its website through SEO.


·   Low cost: The natural indexing of your website is obviously a zero or low cost formula. You aren’t paying such $10 for your website ad just clicked once. It is far better than using Adwords or PPC. SEO clears most of the web pages by not having most of the Ads.

·   Surety of increasing traffic: Using SEO your website will surely show an increasing traffic, it could not be immediately, but it will quickly, at a steady rate. You can also track the increasing traffic using various tracking tools.

·   Better ROI than normal Ads: SEO has higher conversion rate than the Adwords mechanism and its benefits cannot be matched by any other type of marketing strategies. Ads can be seen by anyone, being relevant or not, but Google searches get people only to your website who searched that keyword included in your website. These will be the people who are actually looking for your products.

·   Grow your business to next level: Increasing in traffic bring more and more visitors to your websites, thus expanding your business and getting it to the one level up. It may be possible that you have to enhance your server capacity, so as to manage the upcoming traffic.

·   Makes you stand out: There are more than $250 websites on the web today. Using SEO you may stand out from them especially if your website business is more competitive.

·   You’ll have access to data:  you will have data related to your visitors and using which keyword they landed on your website. You can find out the most searched keyword as an advantage.

·   Results are permanent: the effects of SEO aren’t temporary like Ads. Once you get a top rank, it is easy to sustain you position. But in Ads, you will stop getting visitors if you stop paying for them.

So, start using SEO services and get you one level up from your competitors. You can get much more in less effort or some cost if you get it from a professional SEO expert. Overall, a good strategy in comparison to Advertisement or any other method of promotion.

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