Assembly is a collection of dll, exe, html, the assembly manifest which is a collection of metadata i.e. data about data that describes name of the assembly, culture setting, versioning, security and other resources.

Assemblies are mainly used to solve the problem of versioning, DLL conflicts and
simplifying the process of deployment. 

Assembly can have two types of version the first one which we call version on the format of the version is  major.minor.built.revised for example version no of in this 3 shows major,5 shows minor,20 shows built and 1 shows revised. Version no is stored in assembly manifest.


Three types of Assemblies

Private Assembly: private assembly cannot be shared by another application.

Shared Assembly: shared assembly can be shared by two applications with the help of GAC (global assembly cache)

Satellite assembly: satellite assembly can be defined as an assembly with resource only no executable code.

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