A database table is similar in look as spreadsheet, in that data is stored in rows and columns. The main difference between storing your data in a spreadsheet and storing it in a database is in how the data is organized.

Each row in a table is referred to as a record. Records are where the individual pieces of information are stored. Each record consists of one or more fields. Fields correspond to the columns in the table. Fields must be designated as a certain data type, whether it's text, date or time, number, or some other type.

Figure 1:

Create Table in MS Access

       1.     A record

       2.     A field

       3.    A field value

Now, I’m going to describe, how to create access table. Steps are given below

Step 1: First open Microsoft Access and give database name. Table is created under database.

Step 2: Select “Table Design” option from “Create” menu as given image

Figure 2:

Create Table in MS Access

Step 3: After selecting “Table Design” option where you set column name, data type etc., my table structure display as below image

Figure 3:

Create Table in MS Access

Note: Design your table with a primary key. Here I have set “Emp ID” column as primary key.

You can set property of column according your required into “Field Properties” as below image.

Figure 4:

Create Table in MS Access

After design table structured, save it with a unique name. Here I have given my table name is “Emp_Details” see in figure 3.

Step 4: Now open your table and fill some record as below image. Created table are visible in left hand side of your access sheet.

Figure 5:

Create Table in MS Access

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