Mother’s Jewelry

Do you have such trouble: wanting to give your mother a gift and do not know what to send? Here I prepare a list of jewelry for mothers for your reference. 

Mother’s Jewelry

1. Gold jewelry - rich and auspicious, soothe the nerves and anti-aging. Many mothers think gold jewelry has store value and is good-looking. It is a good choice to send mother gold bracelets or necklaces on Mother's Day or other festival, which will definitely make them love it! Wearing gold jewelry not only highlights the rich and noble temperament, but also has many health functions, which can be used for disease prevention and keep in good health. 'Compendium of Materia Medica' believes that gold can make the mind and soul peace. It is mainly used for diseases such as panic and fever, and also have a certain anti-aging effect like reducing the appearance of wrinkles on the facial skin, let the mother more beautiful! The engraved jewelry for moms can be engraved with dragon and phoenix patterns to express wealth and prosperity; the peony flower symbolizes auspicious and wealth; auspicious cloud is a traditional Chinese auspicious pattern with healthy and peaceful meaning;

2. Platinum Bracelet - Meaning the moment of companionship. Filial piety is the foundation of all virtues. We grow up under the care of our parents, our move, temperament and attitudes are seen by parents. When we grow up, when we are independent, we can send parents an item that can be missed. Many people choose to send a platinum bracelet or a pearl bracelet to represent they are always with them. Platinum jewelry is not delicate and easy to maintain. Under normal circumstances, the nature of platinum is very stable, it will not be deteriorated or faded due to daily wear. It can be restored by wiping once or twice with a soft cloth.

3. Silverware - Detoxify, beautify and prolong life. Sending silver ornaments to mother is also a good choice. Silver jewelry can prolong life and can also be rheumatism. Modern medicine believes that: silver can kill bacteria and reduces inflammation, expelling of toxin and keep in good health, and prolong life. Long-term use can accelerate metabolism and enhance resistance. Silver products can generate magnetic fields within a certain range, and release a large amount of silver ions to stimulate energy. Mothers often wear silver jewelry, which is good for health and harmless.

Mother’s Jewelry

4. Jade - Meaning safe and rich. Jade is also very suitable for mothers! Jade as a traditional Chinese accessory, meaning peace, wealth, and dispelling evil spirits. At the same time, jade is rich in chromium, this element is of great benefit to the human body, especially to clean the skin, enhance cell vitality and activity. Wearing a jade bracelet, or an emerald pendant carved into Guanyin and Buddha, the low-key style shows a dignified and calm temperament. Some bracelets, rings and brooches with good meanings can show the unique charm of jade. Generally choose jade jewelry, either look at 'color' or 'species.' If you send to the elders, the ice-clear jade with better transparency is the best choice. Middle-aged women: The color is as deep and restrained as possible, such as blue water, jaundice, and red sputum. If there are conditions, the green bracelet is better, and the requirements for watering are higher. For older women can choose bracelets with obvious colors, such as dark green, deep floating flowers, deep oil cyan, in line with the dignified and calm temperament of older women.

5. Hetian jade - Meaning peace and good fortune. Hetian jade is one of the four famous jade, with a good meaning of peace and good fortune. We all know the phrase 'people nourish jade for three years, and jade nourishes poeple a lifetime'. The 'Compendium of Materia Medica' records: Jade has good curative effect on lungs and hair. Hetian jade contains more microelements needed by the human body. In the process of contact between jade and human skin, the human body will slowly absorb it. These microelements improve the balance of body mechanisms.

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