With most of us transitioning into a connected world Wi-Fi is no more a luxury but a critical investment for small as well as big businesses and busy individuals. Businesses offering Wi-Fi access to customers experience higher customer satisfaction and sales while driving employee productivity too. Importance of connectivity has gained such massive proportions that moving into 2020 we may even have wireless network technology distinct from Wi-Fi offering competition to Wi-Fi, obviously making it more juicy for the users. At present wireless connectivity suffers when you are moving through sparsely populated regions or heavily crowded terrains. Another constraint is speed and if too many users are accessing the available bandwidth at a given point in time, it is natural that every user within that bandwidth will experience sharp drop in speed.


Employees now rely heavily on WiFi more than in the past to stay productive and efficiently perform their jobs. To send out emails, link to online content from the company server or other designated server, follow presentations via WebEx, face to face collaboration with team members and co-workers etc. Wi-Fi is indispensable. With more and more people taking to smart phones and tablets for work Wi-Fi is in more crucial to ensure that they stay productive in a collaborative environment. Apart from accessing Wi-Fi security of the network can be a huge concern because employees can be accessing sensitive business information for further processing.

Guest Access

Customers and visitors also need Wi-Fi to stay connected and similarly, vendors, business partners etc need Wi-Fi for project work, on-site meetings etc particularly when static connection within the business premises is poor. Take the case of an engineer visiting the office of an architect. Without Wi-Fi he could be forced to hunt for wired connections or rely on weak cellular connection to access relevant information from his/her firm’s corporate server. Businesses can set up distinct Wi-Fi network for customers/business partners. This can be easily achieved since Wi-Fi offers multiple access points or SSID enabling 2 or 3 Wi-Fi channels. The biggest advantage from this is that your business password remains secure and need not be shared with visitors. Visitors on the other hand will get the password for the channel exclusively devoted to them.

Wi-Fi Is An Essential Component of Your Communications Package

The role of Wi-Fi should be an integral part of your communication package to promote your business and it should offer dependable and flexible connectivity for customers, employees and guests alike. Wi-Fi has also grown with the increasing demand with Hotspot 2.0 released by Wi-Fi alliance in 2014 bringing a new standard for secure login and encrypted data stream between the network and the user. Presently devices with Hotspot 2.0 certification are available in the market and the adoption rate is continuing to grow. As we mentioned earlier, even more advanced technology is in the making and you can expect such services to be rolled out well before the dawn of 2020.

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Steer Clear From These Mistakes

Despite clear understanding of the importance of Wi-Fi, many businesses suffer from avoidable mistakes. A common error when businesses set up their Wi-Fi initially is choosing entry level routers for the network. This is potentially erroneous since it can limit growth of your business. A consumer grade router can get easily overloaded with IP cameras or similar devices getting added to the system. A Wi-Fi set up that is incapable of handling such surge in load is as good as having no Wi-Fi at all. The ability to handle such load surge and addition of more tablets and smart phones is therefore essential for every growing business. Creating multiple points thus come into focus to reduce the load on the network. To avoid potential disruption, the access points should be strategically located too.

Any break in the Wi-Fi service can be significantly expensive in terms of workforce and productivity impacting the bottom line of the business itself. Communication breakdown, particularly during an important video-conference can be extremely frustrating and potential customers/investors can even desert you.

Business Grade Wi-Fi Distinguished From Consumer Grade Wi-Fi

There are several advantages when you choose business grade Wi-Fi for your business. Following are among the key advantages


For households, it is essentially sensible to opt for inexpensive and simple Wi-Fi. But, when it comes to a business with a regular stream of consumers, vendors, and business associates a robust and reliable Wi-Fi service is no more an option or luxury. A business grade Wi-Fi service will ensure that visitors to your business, customers, and vendors need not worry about connectivity issues when they call on you.

Prioritized Traffic

A specific advantage you enjoy with business grade Wi-Fi is getting priority traffic compared to the consumer grade Wi-Fi. Consequently, the speed of connection won’t be impacted by the consumption pattern of other users within the network, like for instance downloading videos and limits the chances of slow down across the day irrespective of actions by other users in the network.

Warranty and Support

A huge limitation with today’s technological advances is that most users have no idea when a given system will experience problems. In a recent experience a desktop just won’t boot! A competent help arrives, looks around for a few minutes (his computer above the neck was working). He opens up the system, goes to the Hard disk and removes a small squarish chip. He puts the chip on a bloating paper, removes the chip and shows the paper to everyone. The bloating paper is wet where the chip was placed. The diagnosis is that due to overheating from a space experiencing 420 C, the hard disk got overheated collapsing the entire system itself. In situations like these, without competent and timely support businesses can be crippled. To add to your woes, these weird problems do not show up when your device is within a warranty period.

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