If you wish to build a successful small business that operates both offline and online, then you cannot skip out on investing in organic SEO. A strong SEO strategy will help you to cover every nook of the market and also assist in the process of awareness building of your brand, product or service.

5 SEO Strategies small business owners can

Though SEO provides a huge list of benefits, dominating it is not at all easy and one has to put in a lot of hard work and commitment to get the work done. It is obvious to be busy most of the time if you are a business owner. Under such a tight schedule, it's nearly impossible to find out time to optimize the website and that if your DIY job is getting poor results, then what is the point?  

But don't be so hopeless! There are a few very simple SEO tactics used by best seo companies in India that you can also use to improve your organic search and of course your brand presence.  

So, here are some easy-to-do SEO techniques which you CANNOT ignore: 

Generate Quality Content To Grow Search Traffic: 

The quality of the content that you create will hugely impact your website. Most importantly, the content you create must be relevant to your actual users or potential users. As a small business owner, the first step in your content marketing strategy is to create bite-sized content which will be of some use to your customers. Such can also be used to build a healthy relationship with potential customers.  

To provide content which is relevant to the customers you have to understand interests and what they find valuable. For that purpose, you have to regularly monitor your website and conducts audits to understand the usage pattern of your users.  

The process becomes simpler if you ask yourself the following questions: 

How many users are there on my site? 

  What is the source of my traffic? 

Which digital content are generating the most traffic? 

Use Local Citations and Dictionaries to Improve Your Online Presence: 

A citation can be understood as an online listing for a company that stores information such as the website URL, contact number, address, rating, and such other things.

Local citations are major ranking components for small to medium-sized businesses. 


Well, most of the pages like Yelp and Yellow Pages are greatly trusted by Google and so your company page will receive higher rankings. If it is done properly, the ranking can get even higher than your company website! Thus try to seek citations from as many local dictionaries as possible.  

However, it is important to note that the citation must have your brand logo, company location, phone number and all the other details which link back to your website. Mention the service hours too.  

Concentrate On Long-Tail Queries, They Bring In More Users: 

Many people are under the impression that particular use of words in a 500 words blog is all that is required to bring in traffic.  

But the process of keyword targeting has changed in the past few years. The current search algorithm gives more credibility to search which has more than two words in the query. These are otherwise called the long-tailed keywords.  

These types of keywords can show better the intent of the users. Additionally, though these types of keywords show fewer overall searches, they are easy to target and are conversion friendly.  

As a small scale business owner, try and focus your attention on these long-tail keywords to attract organic traffic to your niche.  

Your Metadata and Use Actionable Keywords: 

The word metadata refers to behind the curtains information about a particular website. Search bots look for things such as the ALT text, meta description, heading tags so that Google can give appropriate feedback to the users.  

If you are successful in optimizing these with keywords, then you will improve your ranking in the search results.  

Build Mobile-Friendly Landing Pages: 

There are millions of mobile phone users around the world. In fact, the numbers have reached to 5.1 billion unique mobile users. In that light, you cannot ignore their importance. Most people use smartphones to browse through a website, thus it is important to make sure that the landing pages are optimized for such use.  

So use these simple tricks to grow your business! All the best!  

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