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Application Pool in IIS 7

Application Pool in IIS 7

Vijay Shukla4728 11-Dec-2012

An application pool is technically not a part of the site/application/ virtual directory, but it is an important part of configuring the server to be able to serve requests to the application.

Many websites can be in the same application pool. At least one application pool defines the settings for a worker process that will host one or more IIS 7 application.

The application pool is a unit of process isolation since all request processing for an application runs within its application pool’s worker processes.

This is also a unit of isolation from a security point since the application pool can run with a different identity, And

ACL all needed resources exclusively for itself to intercept applications in other application pools from being able to access its resources.

Create an Application Pool:

 a.      Right-click on Application Pools and click on Add Application Poll.

Application Pool in IIS 7

 b.      After clicking Add Application Poll… the Add Application Pool dialog box will appear.

Application Pool in IIS 7

  c.       Then press OK.

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Updated 04-Feb-2020

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