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The Perfect Guide For Better Skin

The Perfect Guide For Better Skin

Yes, you got it right. A perfect guide is all a girl needs in her early teenage. And In the trillions of skin care regime, we actually get stuck and leave it as it is. The teenage holds the real importance and if you fetch behind it in that meantime you will not have to worry about your skin in the 20s. I have brought the most important education about the skincare following the skin specialist in Karachi and trust me you will not regret your scroll.

A Perfect Face Wash Or Cleanser:

So girls, in your teenage your hormones slightly get change and in that time you do not need hard and fast chemical creams that can damage your skin. All you have to do is invest in a good face wash and leave those soaps aside. A good face wash to wash your skin with, in the morning and at night is a must-have.

Start Using Sunscreen:

You may have listened to this to a hundred times but at this age, you do not have to go for bb creams or high coverage foundations. A good sunscreen with SPF according to your skin helps you to fight with the dirt and the sun rays that make your skin damage and tan.

Add A Moisturizer:

We have a myth that girls having oily skin doesn’t have to use a moisturizer as their skin produce it naturally. There is a big no for it. Do not follow what people say educate yourself do research about it. No matter what skin type you have you have to balance the need with a good moisturizer that doesn’t grease out your skin.

Exfoliate In A Proper Manner:

Exfoliation is another must needed thing you need in your early ages. It doesn’t specifically have to be of a good brand you can exfoliate your skin with basic DIYs like sugar, or coffee. Exfoliation basically rips out the dead skin and cleans up the pores.

A Night Of Good Sleep And Exercise:

If you try to achieve all the above-mentioned tips and is still missing out on something is your sleep. Have a proper 7 to 8 hours of sleep throughout the day and stop using your mobiles 15 minutes before the bed.

You do not have to go to the gym as you do not have much time in your school or college years but a little stretching, walk or yoga in the morning can relax out your mind, refreshes your skin and cleanses your body and makes you active.


In the end, the thing that is so much important and yet neglected is your water intake. Make a list of how many glasses of water you are having per day and increase it in numbers on a daily basis.

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