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Things you wish you knew before signing up with WebHostFace

For those who are just starting out in the world of blogging, it’s important that you have all the basics down. That means using a beginner-friendly platform like WordPress to create your website and having a reliable hosting provider to store your website. 

WebHostFace is one such reliable hosting company that checks all the important points that you’ll need in a hosting provider. With plenty of glowing reviews, WebHostFace is the choice for many small and medium bloggers who want speed, security, and solid support for their hosting needs.

However, before you go off and sign up for their hosting plans, we’ve got a few things to share with you about WebHostFace that you should probably know!

Fully Featured and Comprehensive Hosting Solution

In the world of web hosting, most companies will provide an array of hosting plans to suit the different needs of every user. With WebHostFace, they also provide several hosting solutions that you can pick and choose to fit your needs. 

Even company like ShortPixel has migrated their blog to WebHostFace.

Among the solutions they offer are:

  • Shared Hosting is designed for those looking to start a personal blog or business website and is considered as one of their most affordable and reliable hosting solutions.
  • Reseller Hosting is a plan that’s optimized for developers, designers, hosting providers, and those with multiple websites. With this plan, you’ll have access to cheap domain names and discounted SSL certificates, and the ability to host unlimited websites with WebHostFace’s white label reseller solution.
  • VPS Hosting should be considered if your WordPress website has outgrown its shared hosting capacity. With VPS, you’ll have your own private server resources and the ability to scale your website up with ease.
  • Dedicated Hosting is offered by WebHostFace but it should be considered if you want to have complete control over your own private server and the ability to configure your server. 

As an added benefit, all of WebHostFace’s hosting plans are packed with features such as free SSL certification by Let's Encrypt, site transfers, cPanel control and an easy-to-use Softaculous one-click installer.

WordPress Focused Hosting Plan

In addition to all the hosting plans that WebHostFace offers, they also have a specialized plan for people who use WordPress.

Aside from WordPress optimized servers, the plan will also have regular security scans, constant patches and updates for vulnerabilities, free site transfers, and live server monitoring. All that in addition to having automated backups, free CloudFlare CDN support, and a website cloning tool.

But what really makes the plan stand apart from other hosting providers that also offer WordPress hosting plans is that all users will be set up with a personal WordPress assistant. These assistants will be available to guide you through the entire process of setting up your website and offer help in other areas such as SEO advice, design and development guide, conduct performance audits, and more.

Finally, if you do opt for their managed WordPress hosting, you will also get exclusive discounts on premium WordPress themes and plugins which will definitely help in designing a website that stands out.

Professional customer support and service

Customer support is essential for any hosting provider and WebHostFace provides all the services you would expect from an established company. They have a support team that’s available 24/7, 365 days of the year.

If you ever need support, you can contact them via live chat and support ticket. It should be noted that they do not have a contact number, which means you can’t call via telephone.

Things you wish you knew before signing up with WebHostFace

Back in July 2017, WHSR did a case study to compare the live chat support for hosting companies. WebHostFace is one of the few that have excellent live chat support. This same goes to the review from Trustpilot. The company scores 93% of excellent by customers.

Furthermore, they do offer something that most hosting provider does not, which is the ability to improve your support provision by upgrading to their Premium package. You have the option to upgrade when you purchase their hosting plan and doing so will put your issues at the top of the queue, ahead of those without the package.

The premium support is included in the higher priced plans, but if customer support is important to you, you might want to consider upgrading to their Premium package.

Premium pricing structure

One of the unavoidable facts about creating a website is that it can be expensive. Hosting services often fall on the costly side of things and the plans on WebHostFace won’t be changing that notion.

At $6.90 per month for their Face Standard shared hosting plan, it’s slightly higher than the average hosting provider. Of course, they do give you a range of features such as R1Soft daily backups and a built-in Weebly website builder. Still, it's hard to justify paying that much for a basic shared hosting plan.

However, the good thing about WebHostFace is that they often conduct sales for their shared hosting plan with discounts that can go as high as up to 90%. If you keep an eye out for their sales, you might be able to pick up their Face Standard plan for as low $0.69 per month!

Multiple Data Centers around the world

WebHostFace owns 4 data centers that are strategically placed around the world. They operate two in the US, one in Europe and one in Asia, though they only provide details for one of them.

One of the data center in the US is located at Franklin Park, Illinois, and is co-located with SingleHop. It’s one of their more well-known data centers and is monitored at all times with on-site admins. The data center also offers redundant infrastructure, constant support, 4 ISP connections, and 2 fiber access points.

While you can choose which continent you want your website to be placed at, you can’t specifically choose which US data center your website will reside. As always, it’s important to choose a data center that’s closer to your target audience as it will affect your website speed.

The Wrap Up

It’s never easy trying to decide on a hosting provider who will take care your blog or website. WebHostFace is an awesome choice for those who need a shared hosting plan but if you’re still undecided on them; hopefully, our article has given you a better understanding of what they can provide and whether they suit your need.

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