Fixed: Netgear WiFi Extender Not Connecting to Internet

Fixed: Netgear WiFi Extender Not Connecting to Internet

Netgear extender not connecting to the internet? If so, here is the guide you need to follow to fix the issue. In this post, you will find the reasons behind this issue, solution to connection problems, and fix the issue when you can't connect to the internet with your extender.
Why waiting? Let's get started.
Reasons Why Your Netgear Extender is Unable to Connect to Internet

If your WiFi extender not connecting to internet, then the problem is either with your extender/router or the device you use such as laptop, computer or mobile. Therefore, analyze all the connected devices and identify the troublemaker first.
Is Your Extender or Router Causing the Issue?

If your router is not configured properly, then it is likely causing the issue.
Partial Netgear extender installation via will also result in a non-working extender.
In case there is an orange light on the extender, it means the extender loses the internet connection.
Faulty extender's firmware or software version.
Interference of electronic devices.
Loose cable connections.
On the off chance that you have found an error from the above-mentioned list, check out the solution in the next section.
Is Your Device Not Connecting to Internet?

Check your device update information and see if it is outdated. If yes, this is why your extender won't connect to the internet.
Maybe there is a large distance between the extender and device.
Browser cache, cookies and activated pop-up blockers are some other factors causing the issue.
At times, the device security programs are the reason for preventing the extender from making a connection.
No or poor connection status of network adapter also results in the same issue.
Here's hope that you now know the factors that cause the WiFi connectivity issues with your Netgear WiFi range extender. In case all the aforesaid things are in their places, follow the below-given steps to troubleshoot the problem.
Fix: Netgear WiFi Extender Not Connecting to Internet

1. Place your range extender as well as router away from radio waves transmitting devices, noise interfering objects, signal reflecting gadgets and related devices.
2. Reboot your extender, router, computer, laptop, mobile and tablet and check whether it resolves the issue or not.
3. Check the LED lights status on your router and extender.
4. If you find no problems with the LED lights, check whether there are any loose connections or plugins.
5. In case the error is still not fixing, log in to mywifiext.local web address and verify if the extender's firmware is updated or not. If not, update it right away.
6. Reset your Netgear extender and reconfigure your device.
Still Facing the Issue?
We understand how annoying it can be – when your WiFi range extender doesn't connect to the internet. Therefore, we have provided other solutions as well. Read on.
Changing the IP settings of your extender can also help you troubleshoot the issue. For this, walk through the instructions given underneath:
1. Confirm that your Netgear wireless extender has a valid IP address. If not, allocate it a static IP.
2. Open the command prompt on your computer and use the ping command followed by Netgear extender IP address.
3. Generally, the default IP address of Netgear WiFi range extender is
4. On the off chance that you are not able to ping the range extender successfully, run the downloaded TFTP2.exe file.
5. Browse the file and choose the most recent firmware version.
6. Click on the upgrade button.
7. Now, wait for some time until a message appears saying the extender firmware upgrade is successful.
8. Thereafter, change your device's IP address to DHCP again.
Perform a final Netgear extender reset and your device is now all set to connect to the internet.

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