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6 new ways to grow your Instagram following in 2019

Kavita Paliwal 880 14-Jun-2019

Though Instagram is here to stay, however, it will not stay the same forever. The algorithm is changing and is being updated to provide users with maximum authenticity. This creates greater challenges for business as they have to use new techniques to gain followers on a daily basis.

6 new ways to grow your Instagram following in 2019

All in all, if one wishes to stand out in a competitive market such as this, one needs to bring smart work on the table, coupled with unique content.

But the question is how to do that? While it becomes fairly easy to gain followers for a personal account, it is equally tough to get people to follow your business profile. But thankfully, there are a few ways, in fact, easy ways that you can use to gain more followers on Instagram.

So here is everything you need to know about fine-tuning, the effective use of hashtags and smart work.

Optimize Your Instagram Bio

You just get a few minutes to impress the new followers who land themselves on your Instagram account. Thus you have to catch their attention by a well branded decorated profile which shows your personality.

Your profile picture on Instagram must be seen as your logo. In order to slow down their scrolling rate, you require a unique brand identity.

In the next step select a virtual guide for your Instagram feed and keep it consistent. It is important to note that the expectations of the connoisseurs in Instagram are increasing by the minute. In that light, a darkly lit selfie will not impress your Instagram followers.

You also need to add your address to the bio section. There must be an optimized headline coupled with a mission statement, a link to your website, a call to action and some branded hashtags.

The Use of Instagram Story

You have to use the Instagram story section to tell your brand story. So, what is the story of your brand? Does your staff have any story to share? What business techniques do you teach? How will it impact the lives of your followers? Once you get an answer to all these questions, shout it to the world using Instagram stories.

In addition to working for your Instagram feed, you must put in some amount of attention to the story section of your account as well. To begin with, choose three to five themes that you would want to be the part of the story each week. Get your staff to post on behalf of the brand.

Use Effective Hashtags and Location Tags In The Instagram Stories

Including hashtags and location tags on your story should be made a part of your content strategy. This way, it becomes easy for new followers to discover your account. Always remember that over 500 million people are watching and sharing their stories on Instagram on a daily basis.

In that light, since you are already generating content to be shared on your Instagram stories, why not optimize them to their full potential so that they can be useful? You can also use multiple hashtags in a story and carefully hide them behind gifs and other elements that you will be using. This will make your story appear clean and focused on the content or message that you would like to share.

Highlight Your Business With The Use of Instagram Story Highlight

Just because Instagram is the hot social media platform now, doesn't mean that there won’t be creeps on the platform. There will be some people who will first stalk your account, observe your story highlights and then start to follow you. Thus having story highlights on your account will draw in more new followers.

6 new ways to grow your Instagram following in 2019

If the highlights are done in the correct way, they help your followers understand what your business is all about. You might even want to consider creating Instagram stories just for the highlights. In that way, even if new visitors do not follow you, they will find out all about new products, offers, and such other things. 

Start To Pitch and Promote Your Instagram Account Everywhere Possible

You can showcase your Instagram profile in front of many new followers by using it as a signature in your email, newsletter, community branding, and of course, on other social media channels, like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and such other platforms.

Cross promotion of your Instagram profile will make it easy to get you more followers from other social media platforms as well.

Micro Influencer Marketing For Instagram

If you wish to work with micro Instagram influencers, you have to focus on quality and not quantity. No matter what you think, they are the best means you can use to promote your business. Spend some time to find out the top ten micro influencers in your industry. Then get in a dialogue with them and select one who suits your budget and requirement.

However, you have to be patient. For initial boost of your Instagram marketing campaign you can consider to buy real Instagram followers from well-known providers of the industry.Not every Instagram campaign yields results. You have to move through the process of trial and error.

So use these hack tricks to grow your Instagram follower base. All the best!

Kavita is Outreach Specialist cum Content writer. When not glued to her laptop, she can be found making travel plans that rarely happen :)

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