phone validation in Mvc

Latest reply by Prakash nidhi Verma on   16 days ago

how to check wheather a string has a word followed by a number or not

Java  Regex  String 
Latest reply by Mayank Tripathi on   2 years ago

Java regex with multiple possible endings

Java  Regex 
Latest reply by Monaj Singh on   3 years ago

How to regex to check to find out items with given character?

Latest reply by Samuel Fernandes on   3 years ago

How to Extract Sub string between two string pattern using Javascript/JQuery

Latest reply by Royce Roy on   3 years ago

How to email validation regex in C# and javascript?

Latest reply by Chintoo Semi on   3 years ago

How to C# and javascript email validation regex

Latest reply by David Miller on   3 years ago

How to solve Regular expression for validating ID in C#

C#  Regex 
Latest reply by Tanuj Kumar on   3 years ago

Email address validation in C# MVC 4 application: with or without using Regex

Latest reply by Kamlakar Singh on   3 years ago


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