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Windows Form Controls

Windows Form Controls

By Abdir Jama posted   3 years ago

DateTimePicker Control in VB.Net

A DateTimePicker control allows you to select a date and time.

TableLayoutPanel Control in VB.Net

The TableLayoutPanel control is a container of other control where child controls are added within a table structure. Control can be added to a cell of the table.

NumericUpDown Control in VB.Net

NumericUpDown are basically counters that the user can input a number within the specified range. With the Help of NumericUpDown Control we can enter numeric values, with advanced features like up-down buttons and accelerating auto-repeat.

MenuStrip Control in VB.Net

MenuStrip provides a menu system for a form.

By John Smith posted   6 years ago

Label Control in VB.Net

Label control is used to display Text on the Form. Main property of the label control is the text property which is used to set the text in the label.

FlowLayoutPanel Control in VB.Net

The FlowLayoutPanel dynamically repositions the controls it contains. The FlowLayoutPanel also supports Scroll when the AutoScroll property is set to True.

ComboBox Control in VB.Net

ComboBox is a combination of a TextBox and a ListBox.

ToolTip Control in VB.Net

ToolTip is used to display some text when the mouse is move over a control. This control is helpful in providing quick information when the user moves the pointer over an associated control.

ToolStrip Control in VB.Net

ToolStrip is a container for ToolStripItem elements. Each individual element on the ToolStrip is a ToolStripItem that manages the layout and event model for the type it contains. . The ToolStrip controls provide a common interface for Menus and Strips in Windows Forms.

TextBox Control in VB.Net

The TextBox control accepts input from the user. It can also be used to display text. By default we can enter up to 2048 characters in a TextBox but if the Multiline property is set to True we can enter up to 32KB of text.

TabControl in VB.Net

The TabControl is a container control that allows you to display multiple tab on a single form and it allowed switching between the tabs.

SplitContainer Control in VB.Net

A SplitContainer has two panels. The first panel is represented by Panel1 and second panel is represented by Panel2. These panels can have their own properties and events.

RichTextBox Control in VB.Net

RichTextBox allows formatting the text. It also provides facility to save the text in file and restore from file.

By John Smith posted   6 years ago

ProgressBar Control in VB.Net

Progress Bar Control is used to display the progress of a task.

PictureBox Control in VB.Net

PictureBox control is used to display image. The images displayed can be any format like Bitmap, JPEG, and GIF, PNG or any other image format files. The PictureBox control is based on the Control class.

OpenFileDialog Control in VB.Net

A OpenFileDialog control is used to select a file. OpenFileDialog provide files to the user and retrieves the user's file selection back to the program

PrintDocument PrintPreviewDialog and PrintDialog Control in VB.Net

A PrintDialog control is used to open the Windows Print Dialog. The PrintDocument component allows users to send an output to a printer. With the help of PrintPreviewDialog You can preview a document.

ErrorProvider Control in VB.Net

ErrorProvider allows us to set an error message for any control on the form when the input is not valid. When an error message is set, an icon indicating the error will appear next to the control and the error message is displayed as Tool Tip when the mouse is over the control.

CheckBox Control in VB.Net

The CheckBox control allows the user to set true/false or yes/no type options. The user can select or deselect it.

WebBrowser Control in VB.Net

WebBrowser Control Enables to navigate Web pages inside your form. Navigate method of WebBrowser Control - Loads the document into the WebBrowser control.

TreeView Control in VB.Net

The TreeView control is used to display a hierarchy of nodes. You can expand and collapse these nodes by clicking them.

Timer Control in VB.Net

The Timer control allows you to set a time interval to execute an event after some interval continuously. It is useful when you want to execute certain applications after a certain interval.

StatusStrip Control in VB.Net

A typical status bar control, placed on the bottom of a Form is used to display some text that represents the status of the application and user actions. In the previous versions of the Windows Forms, the StatusBar control is used to provide the status bar functionality.

MonthCalendar Control in VB.Net

The MonthCalendar control allows you to select date.

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