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Government to hire Tech Company to run its e-marketplace GeM

The government is planning to hire a software tech to operate its online procurement marketplace which was launched in August 2016, and some of the biggest players in the industry are ready to hunt for it.

By AMANDEEP SINGH posted   14 days ago

Software Development Challenges in the Digital Signal Processing Era

The growth of products development that integrate programmable Digital Signal Processor is a driving-force for improving the embedded software development process. Digital Signal processing based product development represent some difficult challenge

By Elena Glibart posted   3 months ago


Computer programming framework is that the hang tight, machine - clear code that educates a Computer to hold out particular undertakings.

By Ankita Pandey posted   3 months ago

Best Cleaner Products to Remove Junk Files from Your System

Instead of buying a new computer, fixing up the one you already have with a PC system utilities software can be much more effective. These software will fix minor or major problem and speed up the performance pf your PC. Here are some best cleaner pr

By Simond Gear posted   3 months ago


Thanks to Chetan Bhagat for introducing us to BPO’s in India in his bestseller “One night at the call centre”. Call Centre is a limiting word nowadays for flourishing outsourcing companies, though it gave us an insight about the culture of BPO’s. Ear

By Elena Glibart posted   8 months ago


In business and building, new item advancement (NPD) is the finished procedure of offering another item for sale to the public. New item advancement is depicted in the writing as the change of a business sector opportunity into an item accessible for

By Mark Devid posted   9 months ago


The Indian software development industry has been a success since its inception (in 1970’s) due to following reasons:

By Jonas Stuart posted   9 months ago

Software product development-past present & future

Indian Software organisations might have the capacity to make Software answers for customers all the more effectively and rapidly in the event that they fabricate these arrangements around Product they have created.

By Royce Roy posted   9 months ago


Computer implies any electronic attractive, optical or other fast information handling gadget or framework which performs legitimate, math, and memory capacities by controls of electronic, attractive or optical driving forces, and incorporates all da

By Mark Devid posted   9 months ago

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

SDLC stands for Software Development Life Cycle. It is the process to design, develop, test or alter the software products. The international standard followed is ISO/IEC 12207, which defines all the tasks to develop and maintain the software.

By Samuel Fernandes posted   9 months ago


India bills for approximately 10% of all expenditure on research and development in Asia and the variety of medical publications grew by using 45% over the last five years. however, according to India's technological know-how and generation minister,

By Allen Scott posted   9 months ago

SWOT Analysis of Indian IT Industry: Strengths

Here we see why Indian IT industry grown so large in such a less time. We enlisted all the points which are strengthening the position of software development in the country.

By Elena Glibart posted   9 months ago

Growth of Software Product Development Companies in India

The drawbacks that remains is the lack of domain skills arising from small domestic and local markets, limited university research and related educational system, and low linkages in between university and commerce.

By zack mathews posted   10 months ago

Evolution of Off-shore Software development in India

In prospect, provided with the thinness of the more sophisticated human resources, the volatility and hostility of government policy, the unstable macro-economic environment,

By Mark Devid posted   10 months ago

Growth of IT Industry in India

The workstation introduced in the mid-1980s, had sophisticated graphics and the computational capabilities required by small enterprises. These kinds of firms had shifted from outsourcing data processing services to running their own in house worksta

By zack mathews posted   10 months ago

Evolution of Software Product Development in India

India’s software development and IT industry is one of the world’s biggest and successful information technology industries. Begun in mid-70’s, it employed 1,500,000 persons in 2015 and earned revenue of $56 bn, almost equal to 12.5% of global softwa

By zack mathews posted   10 months ago

The static Keyword: The static methods

Consider the example of the ball game described in here section. A player may be given the choice to select the colour of the balls. This colour choice will be applied to all the balls he creates during the game.

By zack mathews posted   11 months ago

Structure of Java Source Files and Import Statements

We have learned enough from the examples given in previous posts so far to get started writing Java programs. Now, let’s discuss the complete structure of a Java source file. When we write a Java source program, it needs to follow a certain structure

By Allen Scott posted   11 months ago

The final keyword: final classes and variables

So far we have discussed how to inherit from an existing class. However, what if we do not want anybody to inherit from our custom class? We can restrict other developers from extending our classes with the help of the final keyword.

By Royce Roy posted   11 months ago

Inheritance in Java: Calling the super Constructor

To understand how the super keyword is used for calling the superclass constructors, let’s add the constructors to our class hierarchy here

By Jayden Bell posted   11 months ago

Inheritance in Java: Writing a Multi-level Inheritance Program

The application discussed in the previous post is based on the asset management classes we have studied so far. We will now look at the concepts of multilevel inheritance with the help of program code. For this purpose, we will use the asset hierarch

By Allen Scott posted   11 months ago

Inheritance in Java: Single-level and Multi-level Inheritance

When a class inherits from a single class, as in the case of BankAccount inheriting from Asset, it is called single-level inheritance or simply single inheritance.

By zack mathews posted   11 months ago

Arrays in Java: Determining Class of an Array (Part-8)

In previous posts, we have learnt how to find the length of the arrays and how to clone an array. Now here we learn how to find out the class of an array.

By David Miller posted   11 months ago

Arrays in Java: Non-Rectangular Arrays (Part-5)

So far we have seen the declaration and use of rectangular arrays. Java allows us to create non-rectangular arrays.

By David Miller posted   11 months ago

Arrays in Java: Multidimensional Arrays (Part-4)

Multidimensional arrays, as the name suggests, contain more than one dimension. You can create two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and n-dimensional arrays in Java (where n is any natural number).

By David Miller posted   11 months ago

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