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Inheritance in PHP

Inheritance is the one of the most important concept in object oriented programming. Inheritance is used to share properties and method between the related classes. When a class is derived from another class then the function of a parent class is inh

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By Andrew Watson posted   one year ago

Nested Classes in Java: More with Inner Classes

If an inner class is declared with a public access modifier, it can be instantiated from outside the scope of its enclosing class.

By Jayden Bell posted   one year ago

Nested Classes in Java: Classifications of Nested Classes

To create a static nested class, we use the static keyword in front of the class declaration, the same way we declare a static field or a method within the enclosing class. Just like a static method cannot refer to the non-static members of the enclo

By Jayden Bell posted   one year ago

Interfaces in Java: Implementing Multiple Interfaces

In the previous post, we created a standard interface to get the fuel efficiency of a car. A car has many such standard functions that could be defined in terms of interfaces

By zack mathews posted   one year ago

Interfaces in Java: Extending Interfaces

It is possible to extend an existing interface. The purpose behind doing so is to add more declarations, both constants and methods, to an existing interface.

By Jonas Stuart posted   one year ago

Interfaces in Java: Real life Example

Suppose we are asked to develop communication software such as an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or Telnet program that uses a modem.

Interface in C#

Interfaces define properties, methods, and events, which are the members of the interface. Interfaces contain only the declaration of the members. It is the responsibility of the deriving class to define the members.

 C# C#  OOPS  Interface 
By Sanjay Sharma posted   one year ago

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