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  • What is repository pattern?

    Basically, a repository fundamentally works as a mediator between data access layer and business logic layer of the application....

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  • Microsoft Dot Net Framework

    .NET framework gives a platform that provides all the tools, services & technologies you need to build Networked Applications, console applications as well as Distributed Web Services and Web Applications....

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  • Representation of collection of objects in an order that can be indexed individually i.e. assigning an index to every objects which make various operation on objects like searching, sorting etc. easier and reduces complexity.......

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  • Web Development: How to get started in 2017

    It’s already 2017 and many of us are just thinking to start web development and machine learning, the area that are trending now and have a good future scope. Reading this article, you’ll have an idea about which path to follow......

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  • ASP.NET CORE Framework

    Seeing the popularity of open source frameworks, Microsoft also doesn’t want to be behind in the race. In this way, it brought a new well established framework to build web apps called ASP.NET Core....

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  • Peachpie

    Peachpie is a latest PHP compiler released by Microsoft. It opens the door for PHP developers in the .net development world and vice-versa. However, it is still a concept and under progress....

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  • Assemblies are the building blocks of the .net framework. An assembly is a collection of types and resources that are building to work together and form logical units of functionality....

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  • Concurrent Collections in C#

    Traditional collection classes are using with a lock, but concurrent collection classes are lock free. So, it will often use in parallel programming for performance concern....

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  • Non-Blocking Synchronization in C#

    The .NET frameworks introduced ‘Non-Blocking Synchronization’ for highly concurrent and performance critical scenarios. It constructs to perform operations without ever blocking, pausing or waiting....

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  • Synchronization in C#

    In a multithreaded environment, each thread has its own local thread stack and registers. If multiple threads access the same resource for read and write, this will cause a resource conflict and the value may be changed unexpectedly....

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  • Task Parallel Library (Task Parallelism) in C#

    The Task Parallel Library is a basic concept of a task (i.e. a unit of work ), which represents an asynchronous operation. The term “Task parallelism” refers to one or more independent asynchronous tasks running concurrently i.e. in parallel....

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  • Custom Error Page in Asp.Net Mvc 4

    In this article, I’m explaining how to create a custom error page and invoke it when an error comes in the application using mvc 4....

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  • GAC in .NET

    Each computer where the common language runtime is installed has a machine-wide code cache called the global assembly cache. The global assembly cache stores .net assemblies specifically designated to be shared by several applications...

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  • Inheritance is the ability to create a class from another class, the "parent" class, extending the functionality and state of the parent in the derived, or "child" class....

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  • Here in this article I will introduce you some of common technologies introduced by Microsoft. Here I will give you a brief introduction upon COM component, DCOM, Enterprise Services, ....

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