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The cloud is growing larger every day, with more and more customers either storing their data there or using its other functions. In a time of rapid change, it's easy for the cloud to be seen by some as a panacea to cure their many IT ills...

It has been less than a year since Google first provided a glimpse into its vision for cloud computing. If there is any company that should be paid attention to in this area, it's Google.

Recently, Google has launched a brand new service called Google Cloud iOT. This service will allow companies to manage their iOT devices and also process the data generated by them. The service could prove to have some serious benefits.

The continuous updating of the software development industry keeps its constant march forward. In 2016, new releases of popular languages, frameworks and tools give us more power and a change in the way of our work.

Microsoft provides numerous tools that most of the web conferencing services use as an additive with their own products, so it's obvious for the company to have its own virtual meeting tool that directly employ its product line.

Cloud computing is computing based on the internet.

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