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The component of an alert dialog box is setPostiveButton and setNegativeButton value followed by onClickListener event. onClickListener invoke when the user clicks on the button and response is generated.

Android context menu appears when the user press long click on the element. It is also known as floating menu. Context Menu is a useful solution, particularly when we want to provide a list of actions based on an item click in a ListView.

Hie Everyone, here we are going to learn how to create contextual menus in andriod

Hi Everyone, Here we are going to learn how to implement a very popular UI pattern called navigation drawer list in andriod

Hi everyone, here we are going to learn how to implement search functionality in android

Hi everyone, here we are going to learn how to show simple pop-up menus in andriod

Hi everyone, in this article we learn how to show a list view inside a Model pop-up

Hi Everyone, here I am explaining how to create a simple calculator app in Android to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations

Hi everyone, here I am going to explain how to Show invisible text on button Click in android.

Hi Everyone, I am explaining here about how to Building a Dynamic UI with Fragments in Android

Hi everyone, I am here to explain how to build simple GUI interface in Android


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