Our Products

MindStick Cleaner

MindStick Cleaner is a free tool built to clean your Windows PC in just a few minutes. It protects your online privacy, frees disk space, makes your PC more secure and improves the performance

TUC- "The Unit Converter"

TUC- "The Unit Converter" is a simple and user friendly application with a clean and easy to use user interface. This application is developed focusing on students, teachers and engineers

MindStick SurveyManager

MindStick SurveyManager is a powerful easy to use software product which helps user to deploy ASP.NET web surveys in minutes, collect data and view results without writing any code

MindStick DataConverter

MindStick DataConverter is a powerful tool which helps you to: View, Filter, Sort and Export the data from different sources (MS SQL, Oracle, Access, ODBC DSNs etc.) in one placeExport

MindStick ImportExport

MindStick ImportExport Utility is a powerful and easy to use desktop application to copy data from a source to a destination. This application allows user to import or export data to either

MindStick TweetController

MindStick TweetController is a powerful and easy to use application which provides the twitter experience with more flexibility and allows users to know what’s happening at this

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