The World Wide Web is flooded with lots of online content including study materials, reference materials, articles, blogs and other multimedia content portals. But if we talk about “quality content” only some selective portion will be featured. Effective article writing can be a fun way to expose a particular topic and an interesting tool to share our passion with other people.
Here we enlist some effective tips and qualities that will help us write featured articles and improve our writing skills.

  An Interactive Tone

An articles can be imagined as a direct conversation with the reader. Our article must be interactive and written in a way that speaks to the readers and engage their interest right from the beginning of the paragraph.

  An attractive title: Attention seeker

Our article’s title would speak the zest of the matter. It must need to be attractive yet simple and clear, which should be able to seek the attention of the speaker. The title must make the readers open the page and read our content.

  Maintaining Interest of Readers

For an article to really work, it needs to be interesting enough to read all the way through. It must engage the user with real facts and clear narration. Don’t write in a monotonous way, add humor, made up examples to get a good impression about your writing by entertaining them.

  Clear, Concise and Understandable content

Our content must be too the point and doesn’t involves any off the topic stuff. It should be clear about what author is trying to convey to its audience. The language should be too complex and it must be easily understandable and acceptable by the readers.

  Choose Appropriate Sub Heading:

Sometimes we want to cover lots of important things in a single topic, in that case Divide your articles into small fragment and nurture them with appropriate subheading.

  Wrap the Styling Around: List and Bullets

We got a very short time to capture the attention of the reader, we can keep it uncluttered with lists and bullets. List would keep information concise, attract the eyes, help with compression and make points stronger and more urgent.


Using hyperlinks wherever necessary, we could easily points to other works, blogs and articles. This is a terrific way to build a strong bond with our peers while also providing quality information to our readers.

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