Why Automated Testing for The Internet of Things is Crucial

The Internet of Things (IoT) is already upon us. Isn’t it? Every object you see around yourself — whether it’s your microwave, air conditioner, refrigerator, car and even your electric toothbrush is geared up to acquire a form of sentience.

Fitnesse vs Selenium

Many of the automation testing tools are available and being used in the market. Among all two of them are Selenium and FitNesse.

Fitnesse – Acceptance Automation Test Tool

FitNesse is a testing tool that is open source tool used to conduct acceptance testing. Acceptance testing is a type of black box testing or functional testing. It used to evaluate the system’s compliance with the current business requirements.


Today, almost all software applications are built as web-based applications to be run on an Internet browser. The effectiveness of testing these web-applications varies widely from companies to companies.

How to pass parameters with multiples values in crystal report

I have a codes using crystal report in visual studio 2008.

Difference between system testing & end to end testing

System Testing and “End-to-End” Testing can be very similar but typically the difference is that with System Testing you are exercising the functionality of your application with how it interfaces with other components (applications) in your environment.

4 Crucial Questions To Ask Before Starting A Test Automation

So when would you automate your software testing? I have no idea, without a doubt. However, I do have some questions you may take into account when you make the choice. "

Black Box Testing

Advantages and Disadvantages of Black Box Testing.


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