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All of those times Amazon made a mistake and in the end, you paid for it.

The article explores the concepts related to macro- and microeconomics and the way they influence the management of global organizations.

Many persons including business owners, entrepreneurs, etc. have to face some big financial decisions once or more in his/her life.

It is imperative to understand the function of the Stock Trading Company. With the electronic boom people have started working fast in the stock arena.

Amongst all other Indian smartphone manufacturers, Micromax has always been a significant front-runner in the market. Incepting back in 2000, Micromax has produced some critically acclaimed devices under its brand name and through Yu, its subsidiary.


short term investments also called as the temporary investment. The goal of short term investments is to also protect capital with a low-risk level.

Being a successful salesperson is not easy. You get to meet all sorts of people and need to indulge all of them in order to seal the deal. Each client represents a different project, which demands careful analysis and thorough preparation.

Picking the right credit card especially when you have so many options under different categories can be very confusing. There are various comparison websites that can help you get a better understanding of which cards to choose depending on your spending habits, annual income, requirements and more.


Income tax for startups is another thing to worry about on top of all these risks. Fortunately, the tax incentives for startups in India is better and is being worked upon by government.

With time, technology seems to be hurtling forward at what feels like an incredibly fast speed. And with the advent of technology and progress in it,


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