India And Pakistan Hit by Spy Malware: Symantec

The detailed report on the cyber spying comes at a time of heightened tensions in the region. India's military has raised operational readiness along its border with China following a face-off in Bhutan near their disputed frontier...

Is Telecom a Bigger Security Threat Than You Realize?

When you think of companies’ security vulnerabilities, what do you think of? If you’re like most people, you likely think of companies’ databases getting hacked by master cyber criminals.

Why You Need Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence has become more and more a necessity for every business, no matter how large or small. There are a number of different methods you can implement in order to combat cyber threats, including cyber intelligence.

How to buy and sell bitcoins? Are bitcoins legal in India?

In just one year, the value of bitcoin got increased up to 300 per cent, indicating that it could stand as a well a kind of investment you may be looking for. However, many of us got confused if it is safe to buy, store and sell bitcoins in India.

Could Cyber Attacks Destroy the Digital World?

Nowadays, there are very few things left that we cannot do online. The vast majority of operations and services have been directed to the World Wide Web, all in the aim of optimizing the offline world.

Data breaches could cost Indian firms more this year: IBM

Tech giant IBM said in a report that Indian companies could lose Rs.11 crore to data breaches this year that is up 12.3 per cent from last year. We can describe a breach as an event in which an individual's name and a medical/financial record...

Cybersecurity: How to Avoid a Data Breach

Even a modest data breach can create serious problems that business owners cannot afford to take lightly. By some estimates, small businesses are the target of more than 40 percent of all online attacks.

Cybersecurity: A new digital workspace secure from Ransomeware

A leading IT company Citrix announced a new secure digital workspace offerings, that Aim to make governments and enterprises more secure in the wake of the recent global WannaCry ransomware attack.

Cybersecurity: Company claims for Another large-scale cyberattack on the way

Another large-scale, stealthy cyberattack is underway on a scale that could dwarf last week's assault on computers worldwide, a global cybersecurity firm told AFP.

Cybersecurity: Employees sharing job information on social media prone to cyber attacks!!!

The recent report stated that all the social media platforms can act as goldmines for cyber criminals to identify and target key individuals for a successful treasure. Be careful while you next time post your details about job information.

Why India Needs More Cybersecurity Professionals And How You Can Be One!!!

In this year’s budget speech the Finance Minister spoke of a mission to be set up “with a target of 2,500Crore digital transactions for 2017-18” via multiple platforms including BHIM and IMPS.


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