How to Secure Devices in the IoT Cloud Environment?

Imagine walking into your home and suddenly becoming aware of an unknown presence. Only it’s not someone hiding in the closet and it’s not someone lurking just out of sight around the corner.

Why Do You Need Cloud-Based Learning Management System In Your Organization?

Today, organizations have more challenges and demands to deliver on the lines of their promises that, too, in the backdrop of extreme competitive environment. It is not easy to provide the real value to customers’ money anymore.

Amazon simplifies machine-learning with AWS

Not content with letting Microsoft grab the headlines this week for cloud news, Amazon has debuted a new 'Machine Learning' service during the AWS Summit in San Francisco which intends to let developers build smart, data-driven applications....

7 Misconceptions about Cloud Technology in a Business

The cloud is growing larger every day, with more and more customers either storing their data there or using its other functions. In a time of rapid change, it's easy for the cloud to be seen by some as a panacea to cure their many IT ills...

Future of Cloud Computing

It has been less than a year since Google first provided a glimpse into its vision for cloud computing. If there is any company that should be paid attention to in this area, it's Google.

Why Move To The Cloud? 10 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is computing based on the internet.


Technology has advanced and so has the way of utilizing it. Whatever we use these days whether it is Smartphone, tablet, smartwatch etc. cannot work without the concept of cloud computing.


According to wildebeest task instigator Richard Stallman has described distributed computing as raising cost and data proprietorship issues.

Introduction of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing simply means Internet computing.

DML and DQL using Table Service in Windows Azure

In this article, I am going to explain how we can perform insert, update, delete and select operation on AZURE table.

Create Log Event in Windows Azure

In this article I am going to explain how create event log in windows azure application. In the production deployment, sometimes we need to trace the inner working of our application.

Insert, Update, Delete in Windows Azure Application

In this article I am going to explain how to perform insert, update, delete and select data using ADO.NET Entity Framework in a Windows Azure application.

Create Queue Service in Windows Azure

Queue Service is a windows azure storage type where we can store data on basis of queue concept i.e. first in first out. It will display those message first which was processed earlier.

Create Blob Service in Windows Azure

Blob service is a storage area of windows azure where we can store our text and binary data.

Storage Types in Windows Azure

The windows Azure platform offers different mechanisms to store data permanently. In this article I would like to introduce the storage types of Windows Azure.

Using Table Service Data Model in Windows Azure

In windows azure we can use Table service API to create tables for structured storage, and to insert, update, delete, and query data. The Table service API is a REST API for working with table and the data that they contain.

Create ASP.Net Web role in Windows Azure Application

In this article I am going to explain how to create ASP.Net Web role in Windows Azure Application.

Creating Worker Role in Windows Azure Application

In this article I am going to explain how to create worker role project and the various fundamental methods which are executed in worker role projects.

Creating WCF Service Web Role in Windows Azure Application

In this article I am going to explain how to create WCF Service Web role in windows azure application and how to use the WCF Service in an outside application.

Install and Create a Windows Azure Application in VS 2010

To install the Windows Azure Tools, on the menu bar, choose File – New – Project.

Introduction of Cloud in Visual Studio 2010

In this article I am going to explain a brief introduction of cloud programming in Visual Studio 2010.


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