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  • Dropbox privacy and Dropbox security issues

    Is Dropbox private? How to increase Dropbox privacy? And what do you need to do in order to secure Dropbox? Use Dropbox encryption software to protect your sensitive online data. Increase Dropbox safety with CloudMounter — ultimate cloud manager....

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  • Even the smallest of businesses are beginning to harness the security and storage power of the Cloud. Offsite and automatic data updates combined with the best in data breach protection have made the Cloud storage a must-have tool for companies....

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  • 10 best apps to mount cloud storage

    10 best apps to mount cloud storages on your computer. These powerful cloud managers provide the connection to your cloud accounts as highly reliable services. Find the most suitable cloud app for you and enjoy how easily you can manage files on clo...

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  • Amazon simplifies machine-learning with AWS

    Not content with letting Microsoft grab the headlines this week for cloud news, Amazon has debuted a new 'Machine Learning' service during the AWS Summit in San Francisco which intends to let developers build smart, data-driven applications.......

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  • 7 Misconceptions about Cloud Technology in a Business

    The cloud is growing larger every day, with more and more customers either storing their data there or using its other functions. In a time of rapid change, it's easy for the cloud to be seen by some as a panacea to cure their many IT ills......

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  • Future of Cloud Computing

    It has been less than a year since Google first provided a glimpse into its vision for cloud computing. If there is any company that should be paid attention to in this area, it's Google....

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    Technology has advanced and so has the way of utilizing it. Whatever we use these days whether it is Smartphone, tablet, smartwatch etc. cannot work without the concept of cloud computing....

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  • Create Log Event in Windows Azure

    In this article I am going to explain how create event log in windows azure application. In the production deployment, sometimes we need to trace the inner working of our application....

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  • Create Queue Service in Windows Azure

    Queue Service is a windows azure storage type where we can store data on basis of queue concept i.e. first in first out. It will display those message first which was processed earlier....

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