5 Feature To Include When Building An App Like UberEats

5 Feature To Include When Building An App Like UberEats

In 2019, applications are the cornerstones of any business. They enable customers to directly connect with companies without having to leave the comfort of their homes (or offices). In industries such as restaurants, food delivery, and other allied services, applications play a very influential role.

Today, companies like UberEats, Swiggy, Zomato, and others are revolutionizing the food and beverage sector. Moreover, these firms are cashing in revenues worth billions of dollars. Their success has had a positive effect and encourages budding entrepreneurs to launch their own platforms.

Interestingly, building an application is not a hassle anymore. One can simply invest in an UberEats clone and begin their business in a matter of weeks. However, some guidelines should be followed to improve the success of your app and in turn, your business. We have curated a list of features that you should definitely include in your application to attract more customers:

Schedule Delivery: Allow customers to order food and set the time they want to receive it.

Navigation: Assist delivery executives to reach the customer’s location quickly. This feature also enables the customer to track the status of their order.

Sort/Filter Options: Enable customers to streamline their search on the platform by filtering different parameters such as price, cuisine, location, ratings, etc.

Promo Codes/ Incentives: Attract more users to your platform by offering discount coupons and other promotions. Also, having a referral program in place will allow existing users to promote the application among their family and friends.

Easy Login: Simplify the registration and login process by allowing users to use their social media accounts when signing up.

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Online food delivery applications are playing an influential role in bridging restaurants with customers. Be a part of this revolution and launch your own platform. AppDupe offers feature-rich UberEats clones that are optimized for Android and iOS. Our developers also customize the platform to match your business requirements.


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