20 Qualities You Should Have: To Be A Best Content Writer!!!

It is common belief that content writing is so easy.

Anyone can do it!

It is true that content writing is an entry level job for a freelancer, but this fact is not enough to decrease the difficulty level of this job.

Believe it or not, content writing is harder than it looks.

Content writers are the professional who is responsible for writing engaging content for online activities.

A good content writer actually needs to be the master of a large number of skills.

If you want to be a heroic content writer, then follow the list of 20 virtues of a great content writer.

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20 Key Skills to be called an Expert Content Writer

1. Master of the English language

First and foremost quality of a content writer is to gain a high level of language proficiency.

They should have to be proficient in spelling, grammar and sentence construction.

Q piece of writing with spelling and grammatical mistakes will lose the credibility among online readers.

2. Strong Vocabulary

It is important for great content writers to maintain strong and robust vocabulary as an asset with high return on investment.

Heroic content writers should have to incorporate the interesting and unusual words in their writing.

Strong vocabulary enables the content writer to increase reader’s interest and enable them to communicate effectively and efficiently by assessing the perfect word for any situation.

3. Inquisitive and Thorough Researchers

Content writers are expeditions another most significant quality of great content writers.

Before start writing a blog or article, it is important for the writer to understand the topic in detail.

They should have to conduct a thorough research related to the topic at hand.

4. Breadth Of Knowledge And Expertise

Writers with an expansive range of expertise on a variety of topics are highly valued in the world of writing.

Knowledge of writing and expertise of writing on a variety of topics is the best way for content writers to stay at the top of the industry trend and news.

5. Flexible and Easily Adaptable

Content writers are responsible for writing a blog, an article or a press release.

Each piece of writing requires a different style and voice of writing.

A good content writer is one who can write all of these contents with ease irrespective of the delivery format.

6. Innovative and fearless storytellers

Online readers have little patience for long-winded, confusing and mind-numbing content.

Great writers are those who can produce reader friendly and concise content.

They know how to entertain readers by sharing innovative and fearless storytellers.

7. Attention to Detail

Great writers are good observers. They always engage themselves in taking mental notes and note subtle changes around them.

Attention to details not only make the content writer fantastic editors but it also enables them to spot smallest grammatical error during the read through and add a special touch to their writing too.

8. Discipline

The writer is familiar with the frustration of re-writing, editing, and improvement.

It is important for a writer to maintain a disciplined approach to writing.

Great writers constantly re-evaluate their work and focus on writing a properly article or blog.

9. Clarity

An effective content writer is the one who is able to distill complex thoughts and ideas into simple, clear language.

They are focused on writing the quality content which is quickly and easily understandable for online readers.

Clarity in content writing enables the writer to tackle with densest subject matter and break it down into uncomplicated pieces.

10. Open to make changes

The exceptional content writer is open to external edits and suggestions.

These suggestions and feedback significantly enable them to improve their writing.

Openness to change and acceptance of feedback enable them to see themselves through the eyes of others and help them to improve their weak points.

11.  Master in different writing styles

Each form of writing has its own style.

Blogging requires a short, informational, friendly and opinionated style of writing.

On the other hand ad copy style of writing is short and persuasive.

The content for white papers is long with a proper description of the problem and solution.

Each and every piece of writing is content, and a great content writer should have to be a master in writing valuable content for each style of writing.

12.  Successful content writers don’t pick random subjects

The successful content writer follows the process of ideation for finding subjects, titles, and angles to write about.

Ideation is a marketing industry buzzword.

Most of the time writers conduct ideation process in team settings, but freelance writers follow their own process of ideation.

It is important for successful content writers to understand their audiences, perform a keyword search and check out the competition.

After gaining the knowledge of keywords, competitors and reader content writers craft a snappy title.

A great content writer is one who has the ability to craft an interesting and compelling title for readers.

13. Successful content writers are original

It is important for the content writer to produce original, fresh, non-plagiarized and fresh content.

The idea of writing original content sounds crazy because thousands of people are writing with same information on the same subject, but it is important for great content writers.

Every talented writer brings a unique voice with a different perspective.

Shedding new light on an overworked subject is one of the most significant qualities of a great content writer.

14. Always focus on creating strong headlines

A content writer with an ability to write by focusing on goo headlines which spark interest and invite readers as well.

According to Copyblogger 80%, people read the blog just because of headlines and 20% of those will read the rest of the content.

This is why focus on creating strong headlines is important for a content writer.

15. Good content is diverse

Content monetization is the process of earning revenue from online content.

Content include text, data, images, music, and videos. Great content writers can post a variety of content slightly in different forms.

It is important for content writers to know the diversity of content and understand how they can make the sure of such content.

16. Good content is relevant

It is a great idea to step back and analyzes the topic and idea before creating the content.

It is important for optimal content monetization to make sure that every page is of high quality and every piece of writing is related to the visitors.

17.  Successful content writers know SEO, HTML, CSS and WordPress

Content writers have expert knowledge of SEO, HTML, CSS and WordPress.

It is worth mentioning that the basic knowledge and understanding of all these aspects is essential.

Updated knowledge of SEO is also critical because search engine algorithms change regularly.

One thing which remains same is high quality.

18. Successful content writers are social media specialists

A great content writer should have to know the importance of name recognition.

It is important for content writers to build an audience, meet publishers and talk to industry experts.

The content writer has to be active on social media as well. Successful content writers are active, public and friendly.

19.  Passion for reading

Voracious readers are great writers.

A writer by immersing himself in the world of words help would be able to understand the nuts and bolts of writing.

It is important for writers to read and learn different writing tools.

20.  They are passionate

Best quality of a content writer is that they enjoy what they are doing.

The best writers have inspired writers.

It is important for a writer to be excited for putting fingers on the keyboard.

Passion and curiosity are two most significant qualities of great content writers.


Content writers are required to possess a different set of skills and abilities to produce powerful, compelling and genuinely attractive content.

Great content writers with the above mentioned 20 qualities will be valuable in boosting the traffic of your site.

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