Does AOL charge for tech support?

Does AOL charge for tech support?

AOL does offer tech support to its members to keep your online activity smooth and protect your online information. If you have subscribed to the AOL membership then you won’t have to pay additional charges for support and the tech support is included in your package.

But, you may encounter third-party vendors who advertise that they can provide tech support and will resolve any AOL technical issue. All these vendors are not related to the AOL team in any way. Third-party vendors charge for their services and they are not recommended by the AOL team.

It is advised that you refer only to the official AOL website and its content for any kind of support or assistance required for the AOL products. To resolve tech-related issues you can contact AOL by phone and they will answer all your queries about the issues.

Contact AOL officially

If you are the one looking for the tech support of AOL, you should always go for the official sources of information. And how can you make sure that you are using the official AOL channels and not a third party vendor? Well, you need to check these things carefully when using online websites.

  • First, you need to check the URL of the website, it should always end with
  • And the website you are using must have the logo of the current AOL mail or AOL. 

AOL does not charge you for the technical support but you might have to pay for their monthly subscription fee to enjoy their services. And if you find any technical snag or glitch in the system then you can call AOL customer service team and ask for the solution.

AOL provides different monthly plans and all those plans have different benefits. The tech support also varies when it comes to the AOL monthly plans. AOL does offer many features that include the up to seven email addresses for your account and access to AOL radio channels.

No matter which packs you are subscribed to, you’ll have access to message boards, games (the games on AOL are provided by pogo), and AOL Instant Messenger. The premium account also gets 50GB storage space.

All these benefits come with free technical support for all these products. You have various options for contacting the AOL team like a phone. If you want to contact AOL customer support other than calling then you can do that by chatting with the executives. Apart from calling AOL provide various means to contact their support team and you can contact their support team by emails and chats. You can also ask for solutions on their twitter handle of AOL customer care and AOL mail. They will be providing the necessary support to their users by replying with appropriate solutions to your problems.

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