ThreadPool in C# Programming

ThreadPool is an efficient way through which we can process jobs in parallel in C# programming language. ThreadPool is a collection of threads that can be used to perform many tasks in background i.e. we can say that ThreadPool Provides a pool of threads that can be used to execute tasks, post work items, process asynchronous I/O and wait on behalf of other threads etc.

Thread pools are often employed in server applications. Each incoming request is assigned to a thread from the thread pool, so the request can be processed asynchronously, without tying up the primary thread or delaying the processing of subsequent requests.

Thread pools typically have a maximum number of threads. If all the threads are busy, additional tasks are placed in queue until they can be serviced as threads become available.

Here I am giving an example of ThreadPool class.  Let’s see the brief demonstration of example.

using System.Threading;
using System.Diagnostics;
namespace PoolThread
    class MyProcess
        public ManualResetEventdoneEvent;
        publicMyProcess(ManualResetEvent sendEvent)
        // Assign notify event from ThreadPool
       public void MyProcessThreadPoolCallback(Objectindex)
            int threadIndex= (int)index;
         Console.WriteLine('thread {0} started...', threadIndex);
        // Call the process that is created on every thread
         Console.WriteLine('thread {0} end...', threadIndex);
        // Indicates that the process has been completed
// Start any process
    public void StartProcess()
        // Start process that open c:\ directory
public class ThreadPoolExample
     static voidMain()
         const inttotalCountProcess=10;
         // Create manualresetevent array to assign with process
         ManualResetEvent[] sendEvents= new ManualResetEvent[totalCountProcess];
         // Create MyProcess objects array
         MyProcess[] MyProcessArray=new MyProcess[totalCountProcess];
         // Configure and launch threads using ThreadPool:
         Console.WriteLine('launching thread...');
         for (inti=0; i<totalCountProcess ; i++)
             sendEvents[i] = new ManualResetEvent(false);
             MyProcess p= newMyProcess(sendEvents[i]);
             MyProcessArray[i] =p;
             // ThreadPool call QueueUserWorkItem method to execute when ThreadPool having thread
             ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(p.MyProcessThreadPoolCallback, i);
             // After execute one thread it go in sleep mode for 2 second
         // Wait for all thread to complete execution
         Console.WriteLine('All process are complete.');
Desired Output:

ThreadPool in C# Programming

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