With tremendous growth in Bangalore and the gradual rise in demand for real estate properties, a myriad of townships and apartments have sprung up. If you are looking for a house on sale in Bangalore, then you might want to look up Sobha Lake Garden which is located in the KR Puram area.

Here are 5 important things to check out when buying a house in Bangalore:

1). Location of the house: Every buyer seeks a few staple points with respect to the location of the property such as its road connectivity, distance to a good school, their workplace, nearest railway station and airport terminal as well. The Sobha Lake Garden is situated at a prime location, well connected with these modes of transport. Also, the base of the Sobha Lake Garden is in KR Puram which is a popular locality and considered extremely convenient for families.

Five Things to Check When Buying a House in Bangalore

2). Verify the dealer’s credentials: This is the first and foremost tip for any individual who is looking for a house on sale in Bangalore. One must always verify the information about the dealer before signing off the final investment papers. Work out your way with a legal attorney and have the documents verified and cross-checked for any misleading information or false data about the property and the buyer.

3). Consider the area’s developmental plans: If your apartment’s locality is still under development, you should find out about the plans of the society/township as it will heavily impact your finances in the future. For example, if you want to sell this apartment in the next 7 years and there’s a new airport terminal just two kilo-metre away, this will increase the price of your property. However, if a bridge is built right across your apartment, the value of your property will drastically reduce.

4). Rate of return: If you want to invest into Bangalore property, make sure you work out all your finances beforehand. Consider a central and prime location for your house which would make a good neighbourhood for your future tenants. For working professionals, you should consider places like Whitefield, Kormangla and even KR Puram. Remember that better the locality, higher the rental charges to cover your investment quickly.

5). Amenities: Always count in the amenities that you will be paying for. Settling for a less convenient house with fewer amenities is not a wise decision. Ensure that you ask your seller about the amenities and facilities that will be covered under the agreement.
Nonetheless, there are some professionally-skilled people who simplify the process significantly for buyers.

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