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Is Custom Packaging Really Necessary for Your Product?

Is Custom Packaging Really Necessary for Your Product?

Monica Harper 1430 14-Nov-2019

Packaging provides protection and also stands for the shelf life of your product. Custom product boxes also inspire customers from all around the world. It is because people like variations, that’s why a colorful and attractive packaging increase your sale rate.

Is Custom Packaging Really Necessary for Your Product?

Understanding The Background Of Material Used For Your Custom Product Boxes:

Material is used in both primary and secondary packaging throughout the world. They also provide protection to the product and also responsible for enhancing the beauty of your product. The best materials for your product packaging boxes are;


Cardstock is also known as cover stock or pasteboard. It provides more durability and thickness than standard printing or writing paper. Its thickness for cosmetics and food items is 14pt and 12pt for lightweight products with the capacity of 1LB weight. Although it's thinner and more flexible than other forms of pasteboards, cardstock is reasonable and can be used in making all types of boxes.

Eco-Friendly Kraft:

Kraft is a packaging material and gets its name from the Kraft Pulping Process. Although, Kraft is produced from solid pine wood. It has high elasticity and high tore resistance. As the boxes, the carryout from Kraft is biodegraded. They suit for food items, artwork, and also to print product information on the Kraft boxes. The stock thickness of Kraft is from 14pt to 22pt.


Corrugated is not a lightweight material although it is useful for the storage of heavy machinery. It contains a fluted corrugated sheet and one or two flat liner boards. Whereas linear boards are obtaining from paper board and cardboard. Although, also from three layers of Kraft paper, in which the sheets of Kraft paper curl and fix with glue to form corrugated. Flutes available for corrugated are;

• A flute with 5mm thickness

• B flute with 3mm thickness

• C flute with 4mm thickness

• E flute with 5mm thickness

• F flute with 6mm thickness

Although it is best for the shipping process. It also resists tearing, splitting, and bursting so that the products remain safe.


Cardboard is a heavyweight material and mostly used for product packaging. It offers thickness and durability and also as foldability, rigidity, and impact resistance. It can store heavy products and is a good conductor of printing processes.


Rigid came into being with the combination of paper board and card stock. It is usually using for shipment. On the other hand, also use for the manufacturing Sleeve Boxes, Two-Piece, and Book-End Boxes. The minimum thickness of the rigid material is 32pt.

Designs And Sizes for Your Custom Product Boxes:

Product boxes wholesale can customize in all sizes and dimensions. Furthermore, the Sizes of custom product packaging boxes depends on the product.

You have a variety of options in product boxes design. The most using designs for custom printed product boxes are;

Tuck-End Boxes:

Is Custom Packaging Really Necessary for Your Product?

Tuck-End boxes mostly using for food items, stationery, and beverages. There are variations in opening and closing of tuck-End boxes, just like 1 2 3 Bottom Boxes, Auto-Lock Bottom Boxes, Straight Tuck-End Boxes, and Reverse Tuck-End Boxes.

Sleeve Boxes:

Is Custom Packaging Really Necessary for Your Product?Is Custom Packaging Really Necessary for Your Product?

Sleeve boxes, also known as Tray Boxes, Bowl Sleeve Boxes. These boxes can use for different products like for match sticks, for vape, E-liquids, perfumes, laptop accessories, electrical equipment, etc.

Two-Piece Boxes:

Is Custom Packaging Really Necessary for Your Product?

Two-piece boxes are just like a marker. It consists of two separate pieces one is using as a lid, and the other is for storage. Two-Piece boxes can also use for the storage of vape, mobile phones, stationery, etc.

Five Panel Hanger Boxes:

Is Custom Packaging Really Necessary for Your Product?

These boxes have a hanging tap with them. Therefore, these boxes are usually for mobile batteries, chargers, hand frees, USB, etc.

Display boxes:

Is Custom Packaging Really Necessary for Your Product?

Product display boxes are of different types that are Auto Bottom Display with Lid, Double Wall with Display Lid, 1 2 3 Bottom Display Lid, Double Wall Locked Lid, Four Corner with Display Lid, Taper Style with Double Wall Display Lid. They can use for a variety of purposes.

Mailer Boxes:

Is Custom Packaging Really Necessary for Your Product?

They are also known as subscription boxes. Mailer boxes are also available in double-wall front tuck-end boxes.

Dispenser Boxes:

Is Custom Packaging Really Necessary for Your Product?

Dispenser boxes has a lower front panel for placing the products. It can use for chocolates, chapsticks, tissue papers, etc.

Gable boxes:

Is Custom Packaging Really Necessary for Your Product?

Also known as boxes with handles and also have another type; Gable boxes auto bottom and gable bag bottom hanger. They have a 10-12pt thickness in both paper or box material.

Other shapes of boxes:

• Pillow boxes:

• Hexagon boxes:

• Pyramid boxes:

Printing Techniques For Custom Product Boxes:

In printing, text and images are printed to your custom product packaging. In printing, the master form of templates is using. Custom boxes usually using these printing techniques;

• Digital Printing

• Off-set Printing

• Flexography Printing

In digital printing, an image is directly print to the selected medium. Although it is also known as a professional printing method. Whereas in Off-set printing, the inked image is transferred from plate to a rubber surface than to the printed area. Furthermore, in Flexography printing, a flexible relief plate is utilizing. It is essentially a modern version of letterpress, which can be used for printing on paper.

Other Printing methods can also use, which are CMYK printing, PMS Printing, and RGB or HEX printing.

• CMYK Printing refers to the four-color ink plates: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Furthermore, in the CMYK printing, cylinders are filled with colors and then distributed to the printing surface.

• PMS stands for Pantone Matching System. It contains multiple shades usually; this process is useful to print printer consistently to printer.

• RGB or HEX Printing is the onscreen printing process. This printing method is useful for the designing of web, digital, and TV color system.

While add-ons give an exclusive glance to your custom retail packaging, whereas in Addons, you come up with embossing, debossing, foiling, PVC window cut.

Coating On Your Product Boxes:

Coating is a method in which a protection sheet is providing to your boxes. Consequently, there are four methods of coating that are Gloss Finishing, Matte Finishing, Satin Finishing, Spot UV

• Gloss Finishing offers a shiny appearance to boxes.

• Matte Finishing provides a mute surface to your boxes. In matte finishing, a quiet look is primarily using on your boxes.

• Satin finishing is attained with the mixing of a flatting agent with the finish.

• Spot UV refers to the UV coating on the selected area.

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