Top 6 Web Frameworks for Development in Golang

Goland is the next evolution in the industry. It's bridging the gap and complies to quickly running the native code. It provides developers the privilege to create proficient, reliable, and simple software with a wide array of users. 

Golang is one of the popular Google's Go programming language. Golang Web development has topped the chart when compared to other programming languages with more efficient results.

It boasts native metaphors with high-end features and functionality. This open-source language is the innovation of the more moderate languages like C and C++.

It was officially realized in 2012 in the most revolutionize era introducing multiple top-rated Golang development frameworks. 

Top Web Frameworks for Development in Golang

1. Martini

Martini is one of the best and light frameworks which is easy to integrate with third-party support. It is designed to offer flexibility with extended capabilities of high-performance networking and multiprocessing. It has exceptional dealing capabilities with routing and common tricks to do middleware. 

It has a small active community with unique capabilities like injecting data sets into handlers. This framework mainly developed for writing web applications and services for Golang with high scalability. 

2. Gin Gonic

Gin Gonic framework is a minimalistic framework with notably lean and essential libraries. This HTTP web frame is written in Go (Golang), featuring a martini like API with faster performance. 

Gin Gonic is quite a similar API as Martini that can be used to develop outstanding web applications and microservices.  

It's considered as an excellent alternative for net/HTTP router. If you are looking for better performance and increased productivity, this is the ultimate framework for you.

It helps you incorporate essential features with ultimate functionality. It makes issue tracking and debugging easy while allowing you develope high performing REST API. 

3. Buffalo 

Mark your presence in the industry, developing an advance app with Buffalo. Its an advanced website development framework offering easy and fast services.

With its unbelievable stability and externally flexible features, you can develop a web project that has everything from front end to back end like JavaScript Routing, Database, etc.  

This framework helps you simplify the common task while offering high-quality packages. It allows your developers to a quick start with easy transformation and easy installation.

Its hot reloaded features automatically observe yours.HTML and. Go files while offering a holistic web building ecosystem. 

4. Beego

If you are looking for rapid development of go application, including backend services with GO specific features than Beego is one of the best web development framework.

It's built upon eight loosely linked modules that can be used independently.

It offers developers with the utmost ease and flexibility and allows developers to utilize it as per requirement.

With model view controller Beego incorporates object relationship map to access in-built libraries, HTTP components, in-build cache handler, access data libraries while maintaining general operations with powerful development tools.

Its Annotation Router and modularity make it stand out with the Namespace feature and MVC architecture. 

5. Mango 

This framework not actively supported by its creator. Fame like Paul Bellamy still uses it not actively tho. The fantastic feature of it is it can be modified. A variety of libraries can choose to be part of the project.

This framework is known for its modularity and allows developers to choose from various libraries.

It will enable the developers to incorporate the required features into your web development. It helps you develop reusable modules of HTTP functionality.

For rapid growth, it includes a powerful content management system with a range of lucrative features.

6. Gorilla 

Gorilla is one of the high productive web frameworks for Go. Its simple yet attractive design is mirrored in the documentation for scalability. It is known for a modular system scaling both ease and effeciency. Its core functionality includes new extensions, enable modules, and more without feature. 

It supports WebSockets, which is most valuable. I can scale in either direction drop packages and add packages into new extensions with supported routing mechanism. It represents both ease and efficiency in web development. 

Develop an outstanding website using these Go-lang top-rated frameworks. Golang helps you provide a rapid development framework for realtime data-driven apps. These listed frameworks have a set of features to experiment and get significant results.

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