In this article, I’m explaining how to install node.js and also describe how to uninstall the node.js from your computer. Node.js easily installed and effective in the performance.

Installation Steps

This is really very easy to install the node.js from site. Please go to the website and click green Install button. It will automatically detect OS and give the appropriate installer (if for some reason it doesn't, click downloads button and grab the one you need). That's it, you have installed Node.js and, equally important, NPM – Node Package Manager – which lets you add all kinds of great stuff to Node quickly and easily.

There are following steps to install node.js:

1.       Double click on the node-v0.10.30-x64 setup file.

Install and Setup Node.js

2.       Click On the Next button then you will appear ‘End-User License Agreement’

window and then check the following option:

Install and Setup Node.js

3.       Click on the Next button then appear the Destination folder and the your

where you want to install.

Install and Setup Node.js 

4.       And then click on the Next button then appear Custom Setup window select

which you want:

Install and Setup Node.js

5.       And the same as click on the Next button and then appear the Ready to

install Node.js window.

Install and Setup Node.js

6.       And finally click on the Install button and fewer seconds take to install with

Joyen.Inc and after that a window will appear to Complete the Node.js Setup


Install and Setup Node.js

Click on the Finish button to successfully install. 

Uninstallation Steps
To uninstall the node.js follow the following steps:
1.       Run the node.js file and see a wizard.

Install and Setup Node.js

2.       Click on the Next button and a window Change, repair, or remove installation

will appear. In that window there are three option to select change, repair, and


Install and Setup Node.js

3.       Here, select the Remove option. Click on the Remove button that Removes

Node.js from your computer. A window Ready to remove Node.js will appear.

Install and Setup Node.js

4.       Click on the Remove button a window appear Removing node.js and remove

all files from your computer. After that a window appear Completed the Node.js

Setup Wizard.

Install and Setup Node.js

5.       Finally, click on the Finish button and you will be successfully uninstalled



Thanks for study this article. I hope that this article was helpful for you.


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