Boosting business with event marketingMarketing which is done in an organized event is known as event marketing. It’s very common practices as you can see around you in television, social media and news. For example every year there are auto expo event in the country where different companies presents their models for an upcoming cars and bikes. Similar to this activity so many things are been marketed through events.  

It’s not compulsory that event marketing will be done only in a ceremony or on big stage. As now in modern days it’s been done on social media as top social networks such as Facebook and Instagram have got updated with live feature. By which a live event can be easily performed for uncountable number of people.


In today’s buyer-empowered world, marketers got to seize each chance to create relationships, generate goodwill, and earn the trust of prospective consumers and customers. The trendy client needs over a pitch once evaluating solutions or creating getting choices.

Events provide a novel chance for them to act with brands to urge a primary sense of a company’s focus, perspective, and temperament. Event selling must be associate degree integral a part of the demand generation combine, and a strategic combination of offline and on-line events area unit essential to any company’s bottom line.


Events should be unforgettable to create an effect. After all the required impact depends on your goals, however most corporations need events to be over simply a staged publicity for his or her whole.

Once done well, events have the ability to form a long-lasting and powerful impression of all that your company will deliver. By permitting folks to expertise and act along with your company, product or service whereas taking part in a happening, you're connecting with potential consumers.

Key reasons to opt Event marketing

Companies opt to participate in a happening for numerous reasons. Company which are at initial setup desires to get at big exposure that a live webinar will offer, whereas an oversized company may have the face-to-face interaction that a tradeshow affords. Magazine’s State of Event selling, to ascertain the highest goals for attending events.

1. Disapproval and Awareness

A key reason for a business to participate in an event venue is to determine and build its whole. Event selling permits your company to cultivate and categorical its identity primary. Through events, you gain the proper venue to share your ideas, thoughts, and name within the precise manner you wish to gift them.

2. Lead Generation

Another vital reason businesses opt to participate in a happening is to come up with leads. And what higher thanks to do thus than to be a part of a happening wherever your target demographic is present? The correct event permits your company to act with a bunch of prospects that have already got associate degree interest in United Nations agency you're and what you are doing.

3. Client Engagement and Upsell

Events provide associate degree alone level of client engagement, with a chance for positive personal interaction that builds loyalty. Plus, each merchant is aware of that corporations will understand the most important ROI on their selling greenbacks by holding and growing existing customers.

The challenge is to realize the eye of your customers amid the distractions of daily work. At events, you fancy the prospect to upsell customers by introducing them to product and services that they'll not grasp about—or might not understand might address their desires.

4. Education

Most people attend events to network and be educated. Each area unit powerful attracts in their own ways in which. Regardless of what variety of event you're at, it's vital to impart data that the audience can value—and that sets your company apart.

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Various ways of event marketing:

Virtual Events

Virtual events square measure ideal for firms which will not have the resources to host an all-out live event and for firms that can't afford to trip a world conference.

Virtual events enable individuals to participate from everywhere the globe and strives for a lot of globalized and various cluster of attendees. Because the technology for virtual and increased reality still evolve at a fast pace, virtual events could quickly become a thought type of live events.

Boosting business with event marketing

Trade Shows

Trade shows also are terribly giant in scale, hosting thousands of attendees from everywhere the planet.

These events area unit typically control among a selected trade and provides firms the chance to exhibit their merchandise and services. Trade shows area unit the best setting for aggregation qualified sales leads that have the next chance of changing to customers.


Seminars typically occur during an additional intimate setting and area unit heavily centered on educating attendees. The smaller cluster of attendees permits for additional in-depth discussions and valuable data sharing. Seminars typically last in the future and sometimes times just for many hours.

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