SEO copywriting and its importance            

Search engine optimization copywriting is a unique way of online writing activity which is filled with key phrases word which are been pointed to catch reader’s attention. It also helps in raising the bar of a quality content available on Internet basically on Google. In other words copywriting is an art as well as science of making content for the readers and visitors to appeal them buy a product of a company or to subscribe any portal available on the internet. It helps in increasing the traffic as well.  

How SEO writing different from traditional copy writing?

·         The main distinction is: SEO writing contains key phrases. As an example [blue cashmere sweaters] may be a key phrase.

·         Typing key phrases into Google is what we have a tendency to do each day, right? We have a tendency to sort words into Google’s search box to urge answers to our queries.

·         But the issue is, SEO copywriting is far over simply inserting key phrases into content: Google conjointly needs to envision authoritative content that absolutely answers your readers’ queries and stands out from competitive content.

Search engine optimization copywriting performs two master

From last few years Google has enhanced smartly and now it demands a quality content to fix it on top spot on the web. Basic things a writer must keep in mind are:

·         On the one hand, your readers got to become fond of it. Your content must be relevant and a resource your readers fancy- such things that educates, entertains or enlightens them.

·         On the opposite hand, Google must see the content written in an exceedingly sure thanks to perceive what the page is regarding. Understanding the way to create this happen helps your content “compete” with alternative pages for rankings.

Keys which helps in hiking content rank

Basically there are many influencing things in ranking and positioning of your content:

·         If you explore the tabular array (which you'll be able to realize on computer program Land), you’ll see that almost all of the elements on the left-hand facet concentrate on the standard of the content.

·         The analysis, the words and also the freshness of content area unit all vital to your SEO success.

The best part is that search engine optimization copywriting could offer huge opportunity for an individual. As there is a great proverb “THE GREAT SEO IS A GREAT CONTENT” said by Seth Godin. So if an individual can write content which can appeal the readers and have ability to answer their question he/she surely can hike up his position.

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