Draw And Send Your Own Emojis With Google’s Gboard

Google is now coming up with a brand new update that will provide users to create their own emojis. The update is being delivered through the company’s Gboard, and will allow users to express and communicate much more effectively and show their feelings to their loved ones.

Okay, so with this pretty large update Google appears to have full plan in its mind to refurbish the whole experience of using the Gboard. The company has not only built upon and improved the typing quality through the application of machine intelligence, it also offers a new feature that will now suggest phrases you can send to others, in place of just words.

You can also draw emojis on the screen, finally and use them to spice up your conversations. Using this particular feature, you can tap upon the handwriting button and start drawing an emoji right on the screen itself. Of course, like all features that need you to make use of your fingers to draw, the emojis won’t exactly be works of art. However, Gboard will then automatically recognize this drawing and show results that are a best match for whatever you have drawn.

Also, you can add stuff to a drawing, and Google will keep refreshing the results. So, for example, you can draw or try to draw a face with pointed nose and have it return cats, or the devil, as results. You could get much the same results with an emoji search and this way is much more fun.

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Next up, Google is introducing a phrase suggestion feature that will allow users to obtain suggestions as to what they should type next, straight from the Gboard. Again, Google is deploying a fair degree of machine learning in order to make this process a success.

The feature is currently available with support for English but the company has promised to extend it to include other language, very soon.

Finally, search cards have been made more interactive and in-app search made through the Gboard will now offer more information and more results for you to browse through.

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