How the UX (User Experience) Affects SEO

The importance of UX in SEO: User experience has become an important factor of your SEO. Google declared that it will surely be one of the main SEO ranking factors for 2017 and the years to come. The classic SEO is not enough anymore as the leading search engine has been updating its ranking factors now.

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Now the question is what is the link between UX and SEO? Well, what is the main aim of having a website? Attracting visitors & converting them into clients. To do so, you need something else than just a well coded website. It is about creating a whole atmosphere and experience that will drive visitor to where you want by generating their interests, translate their requirements and thoughts and thus convert them.

UX is simply about how your visitors will experience your site. If it is good, they will come back otherwise will not. 

What is the aim of UX?

UX is all about converting visitors into clients with a great experience on a website or with a product.

The role of UX is to:

·         improve effectiveness of off and on site findability

·         convert traffic

·         test and tailor experiences to target personas

·         help visitors find what they are looking for

·         turn visitors into returning visitors 

How the UX and SEO works together?

As we know about on-page SEO (meta, keywords, images, etc.) Now you need to focus on your user experience to optimize your website. SEO and UX can be a winning couple if well organized:  

1)   Focus on designs that fit SEO principles:

·         create content for both visitors and search engines

·         maximise H1 and H2 titles

·         optimize menu names and functionalities, link equity

·         create a clear navigation path

·         provide focused product names and descriptions 

2)   Buttons or links with call-to-action should be designed not for UX only but should link to content and page elements optimized for SEO. 

3)    Focus on quality:While Google has been rewarded links and keywords for its quality score, UX is play a vital role when talking about quality websites. 

It refers to:

·         Page speed

·         Easy navigation

·         Internal link structure

·         No duplicate content

·         Relevant and descriptive content

·         Page layout 


So, the conclusion is, UX is an important part of your SEO tasks. The more attracting and optimized for users your website will be, the more traffic and returning visits you will gain. That is undoubtedly not a loss of time.

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