Google Search adds new ‘Personal’ tab to showcase only your content results!!!

Google does have its perks, being the biggest search engine. Google has collected a massive of data about the most random thing that we won’t be able to think about right at this instant. But, it has also collected data about our personal choices by getting us addicted to its robust and powerful services such as Gmail, Photos and more especially Android. 

The search giant has already been using this gathered data to display content based on user’s personal data in the search results. It has heavily been integrated into the Google’s app on Android smartphones but our web results has not been get updated with this feature. However, Google is now gradually increasing the usability of these results by surfacing more ‘personalized results’ against our queries under a dedicated ‘Personal’ tab. 

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Luckily, the Google has introduced a Personal tab to both our mobile and desktop search results, so we can quickly look at info from the bunch of Google apps all in one location. This is the newest filter debuted by the Mountain View giant and is mainly focused on filtering out every other content except for that stored in Google collection of add-on services. 

This new tab now appear at the top of the search results page, alongside the News, Images and Shopping tab among others. While the Personal tab may presently be tucked away in the ‘More’ section under the search bar, these tabs are reordered based on search queries. At first, you will see the most relevant option, followed by the ones Google thinks could be useful as per your search query. 

But, as of yet, the Personal tab is not being given prominence and is the last result in the More tab. It is presently displaying about 10 messages in the form of cards from Gmail, results from Calendar and Photos and of course, you’ll be served advertisements in this section as well. Tapping on anything within this tab opens the link in a completely separate tab and you’re provided actions to load you Gmail inbox or ‘View all Google Photos Search results.’ 

It is not available for me at the time of writing this article, though, the Personal tab is said to be rolling out widely to all Google users. It should be available to Indian users soon enough, but on the Google app on Android as of yet.

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