H1B visa: After Infosys, Cognizant will now increase the number of American employees

US President Donald Trump is preparing to make changes in H1B visa rules, after Infosys, Cognizant has already made preparations to recruit staff from the United States. The company has earned more quarterly profit than expected. After this, the company has said in a statement that it will accelerate its hiring process in the USA. 

Let us tell you, that Cognizant receives more than 75 percent of its total revenues from North America alone, and it relies entirely on workers who take H-1B visas to provide IT services to clients. H-1B visas are non-immigrant visas which allow US companies to temporarily employ foreign workers. The US-based company has about 2.61 lakh employees, most of which are from India. U.S. President Donald Trump has ordered to review the US visa program through which high-skilled foreign workers come to the US for jobs. This decision of Trump is likely to affect the recruitment plans of technology firms and outsourcing companies.

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Cognizant's President Rajiv Mehta said that the company is planning to increase the workforce in the US, expand the delivery centers and reduce dependence on H-1B visas. The company gave jobs to 4,000 US citizens in 2016. Significantly, in the past few weeks, protectionism is being promoted in various countries including the US

Formerly, the Indian IT giants TCS and Infosys were accused by the US for unfairly getting a major part of the total number of granted H-1B visas by putting some extra tickets in the lottery system, which the Trump administration wants to give through merit-based immigration policy.

Few weeks ago, an official of Trump administration briefing at an event, announced at a White House that a small number of giant outsourcing firms is flooding the system with applications which naturally enhances their chances of success in the lottery draw.

Few days before, resulting with the accusing by the US, the Indian information technology giant Infosys will hire 10,000 Americans in the next two years to overcome visa issues. The company will also set up four technology innovation centers in the US.

Infosys will extend new appointments and new centers in the field of new technologies such as cloud and big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, user experience. The first innovation center will be opened in Indiana in August this year, said Vishal Sikka, CEO of Infosys. The center will provide 2,000 jobs for Americans by 2021.

He said, places for three other centers will be decided over the next few months. These centers will not only train people in the field with the technology but work closely in the field of financial services manufacturing, health care customers in retail and energy sector that will also help working with the people.

The Cognizant also taking the similar step tries to woo the Trump Administration.

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