Infosys to hire 10,000 US workers amid Donald Trump’s crackdown on H1B visas

The Indian information technology giant Infosys will hire 10,000 Americans in the next two years to overcome visa issues. The company will also set up four technology innovation centers in the US.

Infosys will extend new appointments and new centers in the field of new technologies such as cloud and big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, user experience. The first innovation center will be opened in Indiana in August this year, said Vishal Sikka, CEO of Infosys. The center will provide 2,000 jobs for Americans by 2021.

He said, places for three other centers will be decided over the next few months. These centers will not only train people in the field with the technology but work closely in the field of financial services manufacturing, health care customers in retail and energy sector that will also help working with the people. 

Infosys valued North US market

North American market is very important for Infosys. In 2016-17 North American revenues has contributed more than 60 per cent of USD 10.2 billion of Infosys. Sikka, however, made it clear that these steps are not being taken just to reduce the impact of stringent rules of Visa USA. He said the use of artificial intelligence and virtual technologies during the last three years has significantly increased. Even old projects are also now been made more automatic.

Sikka said, in the field of information technology, being more innovative with technology, such as you should have combined workforce of global and local skilled personnel. Now traditional modalities need to look at 'global delivery model’. You need to add with enough skilled personnel locally.

America's skewed look at TCS and Infosys

During the past few weeks, protectionism has encouraged in various markets around the world. Many countries, including the US markets focused on providing jobs for local people. Visa rules are being tightened for foreign workers. America imposed Infosys and its biggest rival Tata Consultancy Services accused of using unfair means to grab the lion's share of H-1B visas.

According to the US, these companies are likely acquired the extra ticket of lion's share in lottery system of H-1B visa. US every year issues 65,000 H-1B visas. Also about 20,000 visas are allocated to those who have advanced education degrees in the US.

However, tightening of visa rules in United States, had not only increases in the cost of doing business but also appointments of skilled workers hard too for these technology companies. Sikka declined to say anything about it. He also refused to give information about the local and global employees currently working in the company, in the United States.

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  Modified On Nov-30-2017 12:50:23 AM

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