Today is the time of inventions, with the use of new technologies, we have come up to a high level of automation, that we also made learning to machines to work somehow as humans. This is possible with Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is predicted that AI can fully modify our future generation time. Many movies like ‘Terminator, Steven Spielberg’s AI shown us some highlights of the future with AI, which is terrifying sometimes and sometimes showed a new world to us.

We don’t have to actually deal with the robots that look or act like humans, but we

are already using AI technology to improve the online business strategies.

AI’s Role in SEO                 

Google traditionally applies a matching paradigm when listing of websites to the users. It looks for keywords in a user’s search that matches with web pages and articles or are similar to them.

However, Google is improving its algorithm from time to time, but still matches up the content with searched terms with keywords and other parameters.

Artificial intelligence works beyond the search keywords and figures out some questions like WHY behind the searches. The AI will try to know the actual reason behind the searching, like, do the user is looking to buy a product? Or does it want to find out more on the subject? Or it is not clear about the searched terms of what you need to find out.

The AI will get the answers to these questions, for it will look at your browser history, clicked contents of the user, your location, your bookmarked websites, time and location of the user, and many other things.

If you want to optimize for SEO, go beyond the keywords or creating topical relevance. Here are some ways about using Artificial Intelligence programming how you can improve your search engine optimization (SEO).

Optimizing videos

In searching, videos also got a primary position. So. It is also important to raise your videos rank up and make it visible on the very first page.

AI software will be looking at the content of the video, so you need to give it as many keyword as you can. Fill out the title of the video, the description section, all the tags, and anything else you want to

Figure out the things that your video shows to the software. Like those who are searching for information will get longer videos and those who are looking for funny entertaining videos will get shorter videos as shorter videos will be considered as funny and astonishing.

To get the desired and appropriate viewers, you have to be sure about all the terms. 

Improving content quality

The understanding capability of AI algorithms always depends upon the quality of your content. A good quality content also promises engaging with the audience.

Now, also you have to use terms in your content, those terms must be appropriate according to the text. You can have a watch on the basic search traffic to identify, which keyword to use. You have to do in-depth research to completely know about the target audience profile and then use the results.

Then write content that includes those terms and all other terms related to the content. Put up all the facts and citations. You can use graphics, images and videos related to it. The more you tell about the content, the more hints you are developing for AI programs and hence providing more value for readers.

Seek links carefully

Try to get links on quality websites, but not only a good rank website. Links that can’t stick the readers to read your content on your site aren’t much fruitful. Look for the links on the sites that your desired audience visits regularly.

You need to get links to high-quality sites, of course, but you also need to get links to sites that will send you the right audience members. And you need to get link placement in a location that’s naturally going to encourage action. For example, you may run a family site and get a link on another great family site, but if you link to an article on bed-wetting is placed in another article about teenage hormonal changes, it’s unlikely that the readers funneled to your site are going to be interested.

Artificial intelligence has great potentials to guide you get a better Return On Investment on your paid advertising and your SEO efforts because it backs you visitors who are more likely to be interested in what you have to tell (or sell). Make sure you are making the most out of it by getting your site ready through AI programming. These are just a few of the key-points you can do to start seeing results quickly.

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