Here we see why Indian IT industry grown so large in such a less time. We enlisted all the points which are strengthening the position of software development in the country.

 High Quality & Price Performance:

Quality is the hallmark of Indian IT software and services. ISO 9000 certification and SEI CMM Level 5 are the order of the day. High quality and skilled knowledge employees and attractive cost performance have been and will continue to be an important component of India's value proposition.

Large Pool of Knowledge IT Professionals:

The basic raw material for any software development operation or a web dotcom start-up is the availability of quality knowledge professionals. India's main competitive benefit is its abundant, high-quality and cost effective skilled workforce. Currently, country trains more than 80,000 skilled graduates and engineers a year and has around 90,000 people working in the software and services IT sector. This is one of the largest I.T. work force in the world. Recently, the Government of India has committed to providing computer education in every school by year 2016.

State-of-the-art Technologies:

Lots of of Indian software firms use state-of-the-art technologies, which includes the latest in client-networking, Internet, E-commerce, CASE tools, ASP, communication software, ATM, protocols, GUI etc.

Flexibility and Adaptability:

Indian software IT professionals very easily adapt themselves to new and advanced technologies. In the software IT industry, where technological obsolescence is the order of the day, flexibility to adapt to new techniques and methodologies is  a major strength


Software programmers and developers from India are able to deliver expertise for all or large and complex projects with dollar savings. The goal is ultimate adherence delivery schedules and customer satisfaction.

Off-shore Development through Datacom links:

Off-shore software development and outsourcing in India especially through high-speed datacom (satellite links), enables immense cost and time saving.

Large Projects:

Indian software companies increasingly large numbers are demonstrating their capability to manage large projects (more than 1400-1600 man- ears), including turnkey projects.

High Growth:

Software exports as well as the domestic demand in the recent years has been consistently growing at annual growth rate of more than 60 percent.

Engineering Base:

 A strong and structured base of national institutes (IIT’s and NIT’s), engineering college and universities has laid a very strong foundation of education in engineering skills amongst Indian software professionals. The IIT’s (Indian Institute of Information Technology) in various cities are the hallmark of esteemed education

Mathematical and Logic Expertise:

India’s success in providing efficient and cost effective software solutions can be also attributed to the mathematical and logical ability of Indian’s.

High Aspirations:

The Indian IT software and services industry has set itself higher aspirations and goals. The recent aspiration is to reach annual revenues of U.S.$ 155 billion by 2018 (from a level of U.S.$6.8 billion during 2008 09), achieve 100 percent literacy, more, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Indians in Silicon Valley:

 As per a recent survey, 48 of the Fortune 500 company CEOs are of Indian origin. It has been reported that a business plan of a dotcom company in Silicon valley, U.S.A. receives higher priority if an Indian name associated with it. The successful India in Silicon Valley has organise themselves under the Indus Entrepreneurs Group (TiE).

Government Encouragement:

 Since 1999 the Government of India has supported thrust area status to the software sector. The Government has already amended the Copyright Law to make it one of the toughest in the world; eliminating import duty on computer software solutions and applications; exempted profits derived from software exports from Income Tax etc. The Government of India has also set up innovative scheme like Software Technology Parks, etc., for promoting software exports.


A large number of State Governments and cities are building hi-tech buildings and habitats to accommodate the ever increasing numbers of software IT companies and enterprises. These are in the form of intelligent habitats and buildings and consist of infrastructural support like high- class value-added data communication services, captive power, recreational facilities, etc. They incorporate state-of- art facilities viz. plug-and-play features. This is assisting  software companies to quickly set up their software operations in India.

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