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In 2017, there were a record number of prospecting students that gained university places through clearing....

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There aren’t many issues that will shift the classic British stiff upper lip. One or two of us might throw a tantrum in the face of a meat-free sausage roll, it’s true. But on the whole, most of us have a pretty high tolerance for real tribulations....

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When it comes to suits, men have to be extremely particular. Join CT Shirts and remove the stress from the suit-buying equation with these answers to some of the most common questions....

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Although high school wasn’t quite the Troy and Gabriella experience you had wished for, it was one of the most exhilarating times of your life. Senior year is coming to a close and prom is just around the corner — you’ve picked the perfect dress, se...

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Each month, we anticipate the release of the latest edition of Vogue UK to see who has made the cover. Usually, some of the faces that grace the front page are more famous than others — but does the popularity of the celebrity reflect in the magazin...

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